Jack Vinoy press photo
Photo by Jamal Osagie-Ekhovbiye @malsphotoz

Listen to Jack Vinoy’s New “LEMON & HONEY” Single Featuring Brian Brown

Jack Vinoy (@jackvinoy) is a Nashville-based artist and producer from Saint Petersburg, Florida. Not too long ago, he released his dreamy alternative rap single, “LEMON & HONEY,” featuring Nashville-based artist Brian Brown on the vocals.

Jack Vinoy – “LEMON & HONEY” Feat. Brian Brown

“‘LEMON & HONEY’ is a sort of mantra for me, reminding myself to think positively and feel pride in my growth as a person, and as an artist. There’s a line in the pre-chorus where I say, ‘Me two years ago would want a picture with me now,’ because I know that I’ve made such strides in that time and I think my past self would be really proud of what I’ve accomplished.

I built the track around pieces I received via email from all over, with Andrew Twining (Grand Rapids, Michigan) providing the primary sample, Dougy (Chicago, Illinois) sending some synthesizer and vocal ambiences, and Engless (Lviv, Ukraine) contributing some sweet drum programming.” – Jack Vinoy explained

Arriving as a reminder to back yourself and know your worth, “LEMON & HONEY” is a slick anthem born to bounce to. The song is Jack Vinoy’s first offering this year and follows “VAGABOND,” which came out at the end of last year featuring Jordan Xx.

Jack Vinoy

Jack Vinoy press photo
Photo by Jamal Osagie-Ekhovbiye @malsphotoz

Fast becoming an exciting artist to watch, Jack Vinoy has lots more in store for fans this year. With his genre-bending sound fusing slick R&B, warm-indie, and alternative rap, he’s hard to box in the best way.

Jack has been finessing his stand-out sound over the last few years, taking inspiration from the likes of Jai Paul, Mac Miller, and Jean Dawson. Now he is fully immersed in the thriving underground music scene that Nashville has to offer. From producing and songwriting with fellow emerging artists to hosting open-to-public networking studio sessions and events through ca.mp3, he’s someone whose finger is very much on the pulse of new music.

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Photo by Jamal Osagie-Ekhovbiye @malsphotoz

Sat on a wealth of dynamic and innovative music, expect a lot more from Jack Vinoy this year!

Jack Vinoy – “LEMON & HONEY” single

Jack Vinoy - “LEMON & HONEY” cover art

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