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Hunter Daily releases a sad breakup single, entitled, “Skeleton Key”

Hunter Daily is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a sad breakup single, titled, “Skeleton Key.”

Hunter Daily – “Skeleton Key” lyric video

“I packed your bags perfect for you. Set ‘em by our door, whatcha made me do. Still fold your things so nice, the way you’d like of course. And you’ll remember all the little things you’ll have no more. When you walked away, felt my heart stop beating. Everything that I knew just fell to pieces. I wish that I knew the words to make you stay.” – lyrics

‘Skeleton Key’ tells an unhappy tale about a young woman who experiences a painful breakup with her significant other. Apparently, late one night, her ex-partner walked away from the relationship they spent so much time constructing. With a heavy heart, she tells her ex, “I used to call you my best friend, never let a person that far in. You stopped doing all the little things that I adored. You put me down and then you let me go.”

‘Skeleton Key’ finds Hunter Daily describing the emotional damage left in the wake of a hard, but necessary breakup. The melancholic tune contains a heartfelt narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Joni Mitchell, Phoebe Bridgers, Maggie Rogers, and Lorde. Furthermore, “Skeleton Key” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Hunter Daily’s upcoming EP, produced by Jenna Andrews (BTS, Benee, Lennon Stella, and Noah Cyrus).

“When you left, you took every part of me. You’re a broken lock, I’m a skeleton key.”

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“‘Skeleton Key’ is about a relationship that inevitably has to come to an end because you are no longer a match, like a broken lock and skeleton key. No matter how much you love that person and want to make it work, sometimes the damage is irreparable. Sometimes, the only thing left to do is to walk away. Originally, my sister and I wrote this song about her relationship ending, but later on, the meaning of the song changed for me. It became more about the falling out my sister and I had after we decided to no longer be in a band together, and at the time, it felt like the death of a part of me.” – Hunter Daily explained

Hunter Daily knows what she wants—to be for others what her favorite artists are for her: a light in the dark. Marrying the earnest folk-pop production of Noah Cyrus with the wistful lyricism of Phoebe Bridgers, Daily is a unique and compelling singer-songwriter with a soundscape that blends 2000s dream-pop with 1960s Laurel Canyon.

Hunter Daily – Die In LA (Official Music Video)

“Hunter is one of the most talented and exciting artists I’ve been around in a long time. She is a true artist and completely authentic to herself.” – Jenna Andrews stated

Daily’s music encompasses all the romance, heartbreak, and complexity of her hometown. Her “Die in LA” single contains a thumping, piano-laced meditation on the City of Angels, stating plainly that there’s more to life than palm trees and looking good at parties. A layered, church-choir chorus of intricate vocal harmonies arranged by Jenna Andrews conveys the passion and urgency of her message.

Not too long ago, Hunter shared another track, “Before It Falls Apart,” a vulnerable and lovelorn admittance of her struggles when it comes to accepting love, largely due to her (as she puts it) pessimistic nature.

Hunter Daily – “Before It Falls Apart” music video

“There’s something about music that feels intuitive to me. Writing songs felt like the most unadulterated way to find Hunter.” – Hunter Daily stated

Nostalgia, love, heartache, self-discovery, and resilience are ultimately the glowing embers of Hunter Daily’s songwriting. She writes love songs, torch songs, and songs of devotion, all timeless and vividly colored by her sweet yet soulful vocals and lived experience. This is Hunter: raw, fearless, and unguarded.

“Skeleton Key” single

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