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How to create a simple and effective music video online

If you want to grow your fanbase and make money from your music, we’ve worked with music video specialists who will teach you everything there is to know about making an awesome music video. You’ll have all the skills you need in just a couple of minutes and might even learn a few new things. Once you are finished, head over to, where these skills can be applied and put into practice.

Start with your best track

Every great song starts with a delicious base, which forms the foundation on which other ingredients can be added to enhance the product. Be honest with yourself (and your bandmates) when putting this ingredient together. You can also get other people who care about you and your project or are specialists in developing tracks to critique it. Get them to give you some honest feedback on what can be changed to make this recipe even better!

Kind of music videos

If you want to tell your musical story visually, think about whether any key characters in your music video will help build a more cohesive, visual narrative for the piece. If you do not have the budget to leverage these visionaries, or it isn’t feasible given your relationships and locations, consider other mediums that are available to you. This can serve as a powerful vehicle when executing specific plot points/impressions/ideas that can be explored further by each artist.

Are you interested in creating a music video? If so, you should first consider your budget and the resources available to you. Are there specific characters that will make your music video even more effective than a live-action one? If so, can you hire them as talent or find stock footage or images of them? Do you have a live show coming up? Where would it be most effective and efficient to add music to video where you sing or play your track as if it were happening in real life? Is there a unique location or feeling that can best capture the footage while giving it a personal and professional touch at the same time?

Make a mood board

Mood boards are brilliant in that they visually represent different components of production and help producers, directors, and cinematographers create cohesive narratives. Also, they provide a creative guide for visual storytelling and establish the look and feel of the video, which can then be used to generate other assets like color wheels, specs scripts, etc.

Make a choice about your music video ‘form’

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Just like color, the shapes and elements in your video also tell a story. For example, square or rectangular objects fit the feel of modern cities, while round things are reminiscent of traditional architecture. You can enhance the narrative in your music video by carefully choosing some aerial shots that really complement it. There are several great tools to do this. You can give your videos an edgier feel or a more rustic, vintage look. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Know your audience

Where in the world are they? What kinds of things do they like to watch? Are they mostly local, or would they be more global-minded? What might it be like to hear from you for the first time – does it feel natural? Would they want to keep watching or would they need more information before engaging with your brand moving forward?

Use exclusive content

Whether you have existing footage or decide to shoot new material for your promo, a video editor is a great way to combine and mix both to get the job done. The platform makes sure that all videos fit the screen, no matter the size. If you upload landscape-oriented clips, they’ll be automatically set to fit. So you can rest assured that nothing gets cut from the final video. Also, this works if you’re uploading portrait-oriented clips. We know how important it is for your content not to get cropped, which is why we’ve thought of this before release.

Film yourself and practice

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Ever wondered how musicians make those masterful music videos? The key is filming yourself playing and then splicing together a bunch of the clips to get a really good video. If you have an old iPhone lying around gathering dust, make sure to pick up an inexpensive tripod. As well as some lighting fixtures from your local electronics superstore. This way, you can overcome lighting-related problems that come with shooting at different times in different locations. Not to mention getting autotune, which makes you sound like a robot.

Create your own performance from start to finish. Don’t rely on YouTube videos with copyrighted music or TV segments featuring other people’s performances. Make it all about you and what you have to say, so people will want to listen!

Add text overlays to your music video

Doing so adds a valuable layer of information to your music without interfering with the musical elements in the video, as it sits underneath the screen while you’re watching. Keeping all the additional information (eg. web links, gig information) out of your video is recommended when uploading them on Youtube or other online platforms. That allows you to write longer descriptions about what’s going on in your video clip.

Make teasers

Photo of two women being recorded on a cell phone
Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels

Some people have a hard time keeping their eyes on any video for more than 15 seconds. Create a shorter version for viral promotion based on timelines – post your teaser in multiple places, tag Instagram users and ask them to repost your video when it drops. Having a teaser like this is also going to help with pre-orders.

You can promote it by saying that you will fulfill rewards based on the limited number of copies you already know for sure are going to sell. Also, you can consider including countdown timers if available. That way, people can go ahead and prepay now. Instead of scrambling last-minute if they just don’t want to miss out!

These were some easy steps to help you create a fun and lively music video. Make sure to check out the video editor to help you create many such stunning music videos.

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