Haley Johnsen - “Higher” press photo
Photo by Mandie Mannequin

Haley Johnsen releases a lovely music video for her appealing self-love anthem, entitled, “Higher”

Haley Johnsen is a singer-songwriter and musician from Portland, Oregon. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her appealing self-love anthem, entitled, “Higher,” directed by Fortem Films.

Haley Johnsen – “Higher” music video

“My bandmate, @timkarplus, pitched the chorus ideas of ‘Higher’ to me about a year before we finished writing it. For a while I just wasn’t sure how to connect to that line, ‘nothing gets me higher.’ I thought to myself, well I don’t want to write a song about being high on drugs and trying to find the next fix. But then I thought about what being ‘high’ really means within that context. I think many of us seek some kind of quick fix to numb us out and take us away from the pressure we feel in daily life. I’ve struggled with that in some way almost my entire life. It’s so much easier to do than actually doing the work.” – Haley Johnsen explained

‘Higher’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who wants to make something real out of the pictures burning in her head. Apparently, she shares a problematic relationship with her significant other, with whom she used to have a good time. Later, she tells her companion, “Every time I get to looking out the door thinking, I’m gonna leave. I think of everything we’ve got and what we’ve built here, and I still believe that nothing gets me higher.”

“I always felt that I could change the world, yeah, if I got the call.”

Haley Johnsen - “Higher” press photo
Photo by Mandie Mannequin

“What this song means to me is that the thing that brings me the MOST fulfillment and greatest high is when I am fully present and believe in myself enough to take risks and follow my greatest passions. It’s about not giving up on myself. Being disciplined and clear with my intentions can be terrifying though because, well, what if I fail? Sometimes, it’s easier to numb out and just not try at all.

Everything else like watching tv, smoking weed, and drinking is all fine and dandy until it starts to just become an unhealthy escape from the things I really need to be focusing on. My well-being, dreams, goals, relationships, and relationships with myself. I’ve gone far down that rabbit hole of trying to find myself in those distractions many times and still struggle today. But writing about it and sharing it with the world honestly helps me stay more accountable. I hope this song reminds you to not give up on yourself and to really ask, what TRULY gets you higher?” – Haley Johnsen explained

‘Higher’ contains a relatable narrative, dreamy vocals, and introspective lyrics. The bittersweet tune possesses orchestral percussion and dreamy guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with alternative, folk-rock, and indie-pop elements. Furthermore, “Higher” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Haley Johnsen in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“Getting used to the sound of starting over every day. I’ve been reckless, I’ve been down, I’ve been lonely in every way.”

Haley Johnsen - “Higher” press photo
Photo by Mandie Mannequin

“‘Higher’ is about not giving up on yourself. It’s that feeling of knowing that no matter what, you’re going to continue growing, continue dreaming and that in itself is the greatest high. Knowing that you’ve built that trust within yourself to keep going even when life has worn you down. I want my music to encourage people to push through their challenges and continue to have hope and belief in themselves and their authenticity.” – Haley Johnsen explained

Hayley Johnsen is known for her time touring with the power-trio sister-band Joseph and with EDM/Indie pop artist, Big Wild, who she currently works with as a bassist and backup vocalist.

Hayley was raised listening to powerhouse singers such as Brandi Carlile, Grace Potter, Eva Cassidy, and Bonnie Raitt. Her songs cover themes such as the aches of self-doubt, the joy that can accompany nostalgia, and trying to stay afloat in tough times. Also, Hayley’s bonafide songwriting combined with her performance ability is bound to evoke an emotional response.

“Higher” single

Haley Johnsen - “Higher” song cover art
Photo by Mandie Mannequin

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