GT_Ofice and Britt Lari releases a sensational new electro-dance tune, entitled, “Moving On”

GT_Ofice is a Miami Beach-based music producer based in Manhattan, New York. Britt Lari is an LA-based singer-songwriter and producer from Peru. Not too long ago, they released a sensational new electro-dance tune, entitled, “Moving On.”

GT_Ofice and Britt Lari – “Moving On”

“‘Moving On’ is about not being on the same page. And no matter how perfect two people are together, it’s best to move on.” – GT_Ofice stated

‘Moving On’ contains a post-relationship-based narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful harmonization. The dancefloor-ready tune possesses catchy chords and bouncy baseline-laden instrumentation flavored with EDM, electro-dance, and deep house elements. Also, “Moving On” follows mildly on the heels of GT_Ofice’s and Britt Lari’s international charting radio single, entitled, “Ooh La La,” and the recent hit, “Try This Again.”

GT_Ofice has been making strides in his few short years in the electronic dance music scene. To date, he has amassed over 13 million streams on Spotify and tons of international radio plays. Recently, GT_Ofice released his “TUFF” single with VASSY on @cainerecords. So far, the song has charted at #26 on the USA Dance Radio charts.

VASSY & GT_Ofice – “Tuff” single

“‘Tuff’ is a song about no matter how hard things get you’ve just got to just roll with the punches and keep it going. I have always wanted to write a song using this expression: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It resonates with me. You see in life there will be highs and there will be lows, and the music industry can be tough. I think most people can relate to this song because everyone has their ups and downs. And sometimes, you just need a little motivation to get through the tough times.” – VASSY explained

GT_Ofice has performed in major NYC, Las Vegas, and Miami nightclubs. He is a former child actor who fell in love with music and creating beats. Now, he enjoys partnering with emerging singers to showcase undiscovered talent to create something beautiful.

GT_Ofice and Britt Lari – “Moving On”

GT_Ofice and Britt Lari - “Moving On” song cover art

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