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Gia Woods releases a music video for her “Keep on Coming” single

Gia Woods is a 22-year-old Persian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Keep on Coming” single.

Gia Woods – “Keep on Coming”

“The video plays off the highs and lows of infatuation. It shows those beginning stages where you can’t get someone out of your head and everywhere you turn there’s something there to remind you of them.” – Gia Woods

The Jasper Soloff-directed music video finds Gia Woods awoke in bed, dressed in a comfortable red satin outfit.

Later, she cozies up to a lover in a shadowy vignette, and dances closer and closer to him but never really touching.

‘Keep on Coming’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and energetic instrumentation flavored with an electro-pop aroma.

“Keep on Coming” single

Gia Woods – “Keep on Coming” artwork

“It’s about someone’s body that ‘keeps coming’. Meaning, I’ve never met this person, but for some reason, I’m supposed to know them. I feel like somehow life relentlessly finds a way to make paths keep crossing. This is the realization whether or not you want to meet the person, it’s inevitable.” – Gia Woods

Gia Woods possesses an exotic presence and her sex appeal translates beyond music. So far, her songs have amassed over 37M streams via Spotify.

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