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Gia Woods releases a sweltering pop tune, entitled, “Feel It”

Gia Woods is a 22-year-old Persian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Not too long ago, she released a sweltering pop tune, entitled, “Feel It”, produced by Jordan Palmer.

Gia Woods – “Feel It” single

“I got it so bad but I guess I got it so damn good. Your eyes are bloodshot red. Keep lookin’ at me look at you. Got your body on my mind. No, no, not logic, it’s emotional. So put your body right on mine. No, no, don’t make sense, it’s irrational.” – lyrics

‘Feel It’ tells a sensual tale of a young woman who intimately explores the feeling of infatuation for her girl crush. Eventually, she undergoes that blissful experience when her lover’s lips and body are pressed against hers. That electric connection sends shivers down her spine.

‘Feel It’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lovely instrumentation scented with a commercial pop fragrance.

Gia Woods – “Feel It” single

Gia Woods – “Feel It” cover art

“To me, this is one of those perfect moments where the sound of the song sounds like the feeling in the lyrics. It’s slinky and seductive. It sort of creeps up on you. You can dance to it, but it’s not aggressive. It’s sensual and fun—just like the beginning of a heavy crush.” – Gia Woods

Gia Woods possesses an exotic presence and her sex appeal translates beyond music. So far, her songs have amassed over 37M streams via Spotify.

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