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Geowulf releases an emo-alternative tune, entitled, “He’s 31”

Geowulf is an Australian duo based in London, England. Not too long ago, they released an emo-alternative tune, entitled, “He’s 31”.

Geowulf – “He’s 31” single

“He’s all f*cked up and 31 and I thought I was something. ‘Cause love’s a game to those who play and end up winning nothing. Why should you find the higher ground? When you can do what feels so good for now.” – lyrics

‘He’s 31’ tells a sentimental tale of a vulnerable young woman who experiences disappointments in her problematic relationship with her significant other.

The likable tune contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and guitar-driven instrumentation scented with an emo-alternative aroma.   

Also, “He’s 31” will be featured on Geowulf’s upcoming sophomore album, entitled, “My Resignation”, available in October.


Geowulf press photo
Star Kendrick & Toma Banjanin

“Trying to balance expectations and disappointment seems to have been a bit of a theme in the last few years for me. I guess this song is a love song about disappointment. When writing it I felt very raw and upset which I think comes through in the lyrics. Music has always been that space for me; where you can take all your disappointments/expectations and then try to make something of them. Feel pretty lucky to have that.” – Star Kendrick

Listeners of Geowulf’s debut album, entitled, “Great Big Blue”, will hear an overall holistic growth in their follow-up LP. 

Loneliness is discussed at great length through-out with brutal honesty. Also, it addresses accepting it and learning to love the space which loneliness provides. 

This is tackled alongside being 20-something learning the measurements of expectations to put upon yourself and others.

Geowulf – “He’s 31” single

Geowulf – “He’s 31” press photo

“If teenagers have all the coming-of-age movies to make logic of life’s do’s and don’ts, this record is the marker for that next batch of life’s “FFS’s” in your 20’s.”

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