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Georgia & The Vintage Youth unveils a lovely alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Overthinker”

Georgia & The Vintage Youth is a band spearheaded by Georgia, a singer-songwriter from north east London, England. Not too long ago, they released a lovely alternative-pop tune, entitled, “Overthinker”.

Georgia & The Vintage Youth – “Overthinker” single

“I wrote ‘Overthinker’ a couple of years ago when I was working in the pub wondering at what point life begins. However, I didn’t realize how poignant the song would be today, throughout this pandemic. There’s a line in the song that goes, ‘The days turn into weeks, turn into months.’ That seems to resonate with this monotonous life we’re all living right now. The bluesy feel to the tune came about naturally and suits the message of the song. I love the energy of the band with this track. Each chorus gets a bit bigger, by the end there’s horn lines and clashing guitar riffs which I feel demonstrates the chaos of my over-thinking brain.” – Georgia stated

‘Overthinker’ tells a heartfelt tale of a young woman who is passing through her 20s quite quickly. Apparently, she’s not a morning person, so she spends the best days of her life in bed overthinking. Also, she’s just getting by while her closest friends are getting married and having children. Therefore, she desires to have a pretty home and a handsome guy who earns a decent salary. Maybe then, she can say with certainty, “These are the best days of my life.”  

“Make the most of these ‘cause it’s all downhill, you know.”

Georgia & The Vintage Youth - “Overthinker” promo shot

“‘Overthinker’ is about the journey you go through as a young 20-year-old. You always hear people say, ‘Make the most of these days because they’re the best you’re gonna get.’ And I’m thinking, ‘Surely this can’t be it?’ With all the unanswered questions and insecurities and worries of how you’re gonna make it in this world. Not having any money, love life a shambles, and seeing friends around me getting engaged and buying houses and having babies. Perhaps the grass is just always greener?” – Georgia stated

Georgia is an Essex girl with big blonde hair and a big voice to match. Her retro-pop style of music is both vintage and fresh. She takes inspiration from the vocal rawness of Elvis Presley and Janis Joplin, the flamboyancy of Marc Bolan, and the hair of a young Cyndi Lauper. Georgia blends all kinds of old school genres with soulful melodies and poetically upfront lyrics. Furthermore, her latest single serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on Georgia & The Vintage Youth’s latest EP, entitled, OVERTHINKER.

“Overthinker” EP

Georgia & The Vintage Youth - “Overthinker” cover

“The days turn into weeks, turn into months, turn into years. The jackpot opportunity ain’t looking like it’s near. Sure, I’m an ‘overthinker’. I dig myself a six-foot ditch but that’s what you do when your purse ain’t saying much and your love life’s gone to sh*t. And yeah, they’re telling me to make the most of these ‘cause ‘it’s all downhill, you know’. I’ve been told these are the best days of my life. Well, it’s all dead-end roads and low blows and all these locked-up doors. I ain’t so sure if these are the best days of my life.” – lyrics

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