Gabrielle Current press photo

Gabrielle Current unveils a smooth neo-soul tune, entitled, “Undercover”

Gabrielle Current is a 23-year-old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a smooth neo-soul tune, entitled, “Undercover”.

Gabrielle Current – “Undercover” single

“‘Undercover’ is about protecting your heart, especially when it comes to love. I think we all go through times when we want to take cover and hide from the way we truly feel about someone.” – Gabrielle Current stated

‘Undercover’ follows hot on the heels of Gabrielle Current’s “Sun Will Find You” single. The attractive tune contains a relatable narrative, soothing vocals, and rich harmonies. Also, “Undercover” possesses fire-warming instrumentation flavored with a cozy neo-soul vibration that stirs listeners into a deep meditative state.

Furthermore, “Undercover” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear on Gabrielle Current’s forthcoming coming-of-age debut EP. The project was created in collaboration with Austin Brown (Hablot Brown) and Mark Pelli (Sabrina Claudio, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez) in L.A., and Charlie Perry (Jorja Smith, BTS) in London.

“In the heat of the moment, I can’t keep myself from you.”

Gabrielle Current press photo

Gabrielle Current spent most of her childhood and teen years modeling. During that time, she was exposed to the creative industries. Also, she spent her free time at a weekend performing arts school. However, it wasn’t until after high school that she discovered the magic of songwriting. Since then, the artist-to-watch has connected with notable producers including Kaskade, Cassian, and Felix Cartal. Through these collaborative projects, Gabrielle’s voice has already reached the ears of millions and now she is ready to step out as an artist in her own right.

“Undercover” single

Gabrielle Current - “Undercover” cover

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