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Eric Bellinger releases “Eric B for President: Term 2” album

Eric Bellinger (@ericbellinger). is an R&B singer from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released “Eric B for President: Term 2“, his new EP featuring Wale, ELHAE, Tayla Parx, and Victoria Monet. This project is a follow-up to Bellinger’s “Eric B for President: Term 1” album.

Eric BellingerEric Bellinger

“Naked in the White House”

The first song from “Term 2” is “Naked in the White House,” which is filled with visionary thoughts of Bellinger and his main squeeze, walking around naked in their home. Due to its potency, we had to replay this song several times before moving on to Make You Mine, a pure tropical fantasy tune.

“Make You Mine”

The Arrad-directed video stars Christina Milian. And it shows Bellinger on an exotic landscape, with an ocean nearby.

“For this song, I took it back and shared the chase that I was on when getting my girl. My first date with my now wife LaMyia was insane. I went all out. I had been on her for over a decade so I knew I had to make that first impression count. We had a conversation about cereal one night before we went out and we shared our love for cereal… From types of cereal to flavors of milk to sizes of bowls and spoons. I obviously did my thing because now she’s mine and today our son just turned two years old.” – Bellinger


The third track, Know/Vibes featuring ELHAE, is intimate. Also, Eric Bellinger reminds us that nothing lasts forever because time is of the essence. So, you gotta get it right, and get right to it. Don’t fake the funk, and make it happen with the one you love.

Eric Bellinger 2

“Too Cool/Boujee”

Next, we listened to Too Cool/Boujee, a two-part song, which gives off a swaggering braggadocio effect that illuminates inner confidence. It’s cool, it’s boujee, and it made us feel good about being who we are.

“Treat Yourself”

Then, Treat Yourself featuring Wale reminded us hard-working people that we gotta treat ourselves by buying the cars that we want to drive, and pulling up to that big house in a neighborhood we wanna live in. And, it won’t hurt to buy that bust-down Rolex with a gold chain either. We replayed this track several times before moving on to the next one.


On Island featuring Tayla Parx, Bellinger returns to the running around naked in the white house theme. But this time, it’s on an exotic island with his main squeeze, with a nearby table for two, probably filled with wine and sh*t like that. But, while the female is cooking, Bellinger is thinking about having her on the menu because she reminds him of wet dishes. Wet dishes? We can say, Bellinger’s imagination is at the peak of the songwriting industry, which is a good thing.

Eric Bellinger 4


Coastin pulls the curtains in, and Bellinger dimmers the light. Enough with all the sweet talkin’, wining, and dining, now, it’s time for some action. So far, this is the most intimate time on “Eric B for President: Term 2”, and we know it’s going down when Bellinger sings, “Baby, you should come and ride my wave / You so lit, damn, you spark my interest / Let’s go surfing for a couple of days / Hop on my board.”

“Malibu Nights”

Malibu Nights featuring Victoria Money is the actual lovemaking scene that we’ve been waiting for. Bellinger sings, “There’s something ’bout those Malibu nights, got me wondering if I could swim in your ocean, girl / Silhouette of your hips got me thinking ’bout stroking, girl.” And then, “Crash into me, I need you tonight / So, bring that lil body over here / Come let daddy whisper in your ear / I’ma tell you what you wanna hear / Rub my fingers through your hair / Put your legs up in the air like / Put them legs up in the air like /Taking off your underwear like…

Eric Bellinger 3

Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, slow it down, playboy. No doubt, Bellinger gets it in; and we declare “Eric B for President: Term 2” as an R&B treasure because it’s dope, replayable, and we could visualize and relate to everything that Bellinger is singing about.


Eric Bellinger has been successfully leaking ink from his pen. He co-wrote two songs on Chris Brown’s Grammy-winning F.A.M.E., Brandy’s Without You, and Justin Bieber’s Right Here. But, his biggest hits came with Usher’s ‘Lemme See’ and Brown’s ‘Fine China’.

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Title: Eric Bellinger – “Eric B for President: Term 2

Genres: R&B/Soul, Music

Released: Mar 10, 2017

Label: ℗ 2017 YFS / EMPIRE

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