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Emilia Vaughn releases a LIVE performance video for her “French Film” single

Emilia Vaughn is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from San Diego, California. Not too long ago, she released a LIVE performance video for her “French Film” single.

Emilia Vaughn – “French Film” Live Performance Video

“I’ve decided not to fall again, it’s a disgusting habit he said. So, take back your books and the letters that you once sent, hidden under my bed. Sometimes, I read them, and I miss you. But who knows if those words were true? Or one of the ‘phases’ she said you would always go through. Everyone says that they hate you, and want me to replace you. I can’t ‘cause everything I touch it cuts me, blood drippin’ slowly.” – lyrics

‘French Film’ tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who wakes up early in the morning thinking about a close friend. Apparently, this individual will be going away to school soon and she’s wondering if they will still remain friends. “Think it was a Wednesday, said ‘I loved’ you in my driveway,” she admits with deep sorrow. Later, she reveals, “Guess we won’t finish that movie, can’t watch those French films on TV. I hated the ending ‘cause I’m still pretending that I’m defending all your lies. But you’re going to school in July, could’ve at least said good…”

‘French Film’ contains ear-pleasing vocals and a sad narrative that will resonate well with anyone currently experiencing gloomy difficulties like coping with loss. The emotive tune possesses moody guitar and saturated drum-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary and indie-pop elements. Furthermore, “French Film” follows mildly on the heels of Emilia Vaughn’s previously released single, “Sunflower,” and debut EP, “Eighteen.”

“Who are you to run away when I was screaming stay.”

“‘French Film’ is the story of a close friend of mine who lost so much love in her life—not only from boys who treated her poorly—but also the loss of family and friends. The emotional ballad is almost a cry for help from the girls who experience relatable heartbreak and loss. I wanted people to have something to connect with when they are going through painful moments in their lives, and I hope this song does just that.” – Emilia Vaughn explained

Emilia is driven to reduce the stigma associated with mental health by creating a community of confident, loving, and open-minded individuals.

Emilia Vaughn – “French Film” single

Emilia Vaughn - “French Film” cover

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