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Emei releases an introspective pop single, entitled, “Regrets” 

Emei is a rising Chinese American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an introspective pop single, entitled, “Regrets.”

Emei – “Regrets” lyric video

“‘Regrets’ was inspired by one of my nighttime journal entries consisting of a brain dump of every single stupid regret I’ve had. It starts with a light-hearted sarcastic list, and it devolves into all the things that I shouldn’t have done and the things I wish I could change. Though at first a slow ballad, it eventually hits a peak paralleling my frustration with myself. This single is the last single leading up to my debut EP and a glimpse into my hectic, existential, late-night brain.” – Emei explained

‘Regrets’ finds an open-minded Emei entertaining vulnerable thoughts of things that happened in her past. Apparently, if given the opportunity, she would’ve done some things differently to secure missed opportunities. While counting her regrets, she admits, “Should’ve spent time with parents, they get old, should’ve spent money on eating natural. Should’ve known that my ex was an a$$hole. Could’ve cared more but I should’ve cared less.”

‘Regrets’ contains ear-pleasing vocals and a relatable narrative that will resonate well with listeners. The likable tune possesses thudding drums and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with an alternative pop vibration. Furthermore, “Regrets” follows softly on the heels of Emei’s previously released single, “Trust Issues.”

Emei – “Trust Issues” video

Emei is known for her witty and cheeky lyrics and charismatic lingering melodies. Her music has been playlisted on New Music Friday, Big on the Internet, Pop Sauce, Young & Free, and SALT.

Before she started writing, Emei developed an incredible stage presence from her experience competing on Chinese Idol at 15. After receiving third place on the show through months of stadium shows, Emei began releasing her own music on Chinese platforms and eventually performing on Dancing with the Stars of China. When Covid hit, Emei started releasing new music on American platforms, gaining media coverage.

“Regrets” single

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