Elliphant - Had Enough (Official Music Video - Photo Credit: Marta Scubring
Photo by Marta Scubring

Elliphant unveils a compelling audiovisual for her “Had Enough” single

Elliphant is a platinum-selling, internationally renowned singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, she released a compelling audiovisual for her “Had Enough” single.

Elliphant – “Had Enough” music video

“This video shoot was very special to me because it was filmed in my rustic country house with two of my oldest friends. It was a super spontaneous shoot and everything that could go wrong did, but it still turned out beautiful. We had almost no electricity and no real plan, so we just dressed up in amazing clothes and did our thing. It is a true moment of friendship and spirituality, and I think you can feel the realness through the lens. It’s a pure moment of fun and creativity! I love it.” – Elliphant stated

The Florian Dezfoulian-directed music video was filmed amidst the lush and wooded backdrop of Elliphant’s home outside of Stockholm. The jaw-dropping piece showcases two of Elliphant’s oldest friends adorned in avant-garde fashions designed by Sandra Backlund, O.L.D by Linda Lindgren, and Valerie. It’s a visual feast that features Elliphant and two of her oldest friends. The piece balances vibrant and gloomy imagery to represent the light and darkness that lives within all of us, and the idea of embracing both sides with open arms.

‘Had Enough’ follows hot on the heels of Elliphant’s “Uterus” single. Also, the song serves as an appetizing presentation to what listeners can expect to hear on Elliphant’s upcoming album, produced by Grammy-Award winner, Mark Rankin (Adele, Florence and the Machine).

“You don’t have to keep that smiling joker mask on.”

Elliphant - “Had Enough” photo

“When I saw you, you were no longer looking heavy at the bar. Yeah, I had to ask you what’s your name, where you’re from, who you are and all I got was, ‘Get-away. Leave me alone. Whatever you say. I don’t wanna know. Please just go.’ But I stayed. How could I leave? I wouldn’t let you owe me down like this no more.” – lyrics

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