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Drew Now releases a lovely electro-pop tune, entitled, “Money”

Drew Now (Leah Mathies) is an independent, Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Canada. Not too long ago, she released a lovely electro-pop tune, entitled, “Money,” produced by Sarin Kuruvilla.

Drew Now – “Money” single

“When I talk about you, I talk about your humor. When I dream about you, I dream about our future. You’re the first thing and the last thing that I think about. You’re my first string, my last fling that I’ll brag about. And you got money problems but you’re so rich, counting all your pennies and hiding it. I don’t really know what you’re thinking, I want love, not the love that is chinking. I grew up in a house that was sinking and I was swimming.” – lyrics

‘Money’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who lives a thrifty lifestyle. If you turn her pockets upside down, not even a penny will fall to the ground. Apparently, she’s simple, shops at Walmart, and knows 100 ways to save a dollar. Furthermore, she shares a budding relationship with an affluent guy who has a lot of money and material possessions. However, she isn’t with him for his money and truly loves him for who he is as a person.

‘Money’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses vibey instrumentation flavored with contemporary and electro-pop elements. Furthermore, “Money” follows on the heels of Drew Now’s previously released single, entitled, “See Through.”

“I don’t got no money but that don’t mean I’m hungry for all your money.”

Drew Now press photo

“This song is a lot of fun as it flips the ‘gold digger girl after the rich guy mentality’ completely upside down and reminds us all that some girls really do just want love. I fell in love with a hard-working guy in Nashville who found it hard to believe I wasn’t one more girl just after his money. So I had to tell him otherwise.” – Drew Now explained

Drew Now grew up in isolated northern Ontario on a rocky farm along the shores of Lake Huron. The catalyst for her songwriting started at a young age with the songs she heard at church and on her sisters’ homemade CDs lying on the floor of her mom’s car. She’s always asked hard questions and experiencing personal loss only made those questions more intense. Her unapologetic anthems give voice to our unspoken vulnerabilities and poke at the monsters hiding underneath our beds.

“I’ll take everything but you can keep your money.”

Drew Now press photo

“Chasing a music dream is tough. I moved to the US, had a lot of ups and downs, and worked with a variety of different producers and co-writers. I got scouted through a Bruce Springsteen YouTube cover in 2018 for America’s Got Talent. I was on Season 13 and made it through to the judge-cut rounds.

My dad was diagnosed with advanced colorectal cancer shortly before the pandemic began. The worry and strain changed everything and left me with a more clear sense of who I am. I changed my artist name to Drew Now, borrowing my father’s name of Drew. I started releasing new music again a few months ago, and I like to sing about the elephants in our rooms.” – Drew Now explained

Drew Now survived a lightning strike, charmed Simon Cowell on America’s Got Talent Season 13, and she can whip up a marinara for your dinner party at a moment’s notice. She can drive from Toronto to Nashville in under 12 hours and has a knack for making friends in some of the oddest places.

“Money” single

Drew Now - “Money” song cover

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