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Dolly Ave releases a reflective pop single, entitled, “Sit Still”

Dolly Ave is a Vietnamese American singer-songwriter and musician based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a reflective pop single, titled, “Sit Still,” co-written by Lucas Marx (Katy Perry) and Al Calderon.

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“‘Sit Still’ is an ode to my teenage years growing up in Missouri. I was constantly on the move to new addresses, never able to reflect, and wanting to leave my small town in search of something different.” – Dolly Ave explained

‘Sit Still’ finds Dolly Ave reminiscing about her time growing up in a small town and craving something bigger. The sentimental tune will be featured on Dolly’s upcoming debut album, entitled, “This Is Our Time,” set to be released in 2023 via Venice Music. The album follows Dolly’s musical journey, embracing her life as an artist and facing the fears that come with it. Also, “Sit Still” follows the previously released single, “This Is Our Time.”

Dolly Ave – “This Is Our Time” music video

“When writing ‘This Is Our Time,’ the title, melody, and words came together naturally. This track is a breath of fresh air for me. During a great time of uncertainty, I was desperate for a reminder to not let perfect timing dictate my decisions. Instead, I invite change, and new experiences, and call for others to join me and feel confident about themselves when they listen to the music. I grew up in a situation and circumstances that were out of my control in a state where I felt like I could never leave a small town in Missouri. I want someone to listen to my music, someone not in a big city to be inspired knowing that I too started my career with a webcam, a dream, and no real music experience.” – Dolly Ave explained

‘This Is Our Time’ is inspired by Dolly Ave’s journey growing up in Missouri and finding her voice after the death of her mother. The cathartic song offers a powerful message about taking risks toward living one’s truth.

Dolly Ave

Dolly Ave - “Sit Still” photo
Photo by Heather Gildroy

In 2022, Dolly Ave completed a mini-tour with SoFar Sounds. At SXSW ’22, she was an official artist selected to perform. In May, she performed for an Amazon Music fundraiser at The Grammy Museum. As a songwriter, Dolly recently co-wrote the track, “D***,” for MIYAVI, and it was released via the entertainment conglomerate, Bandai Namco. She again joined MIYAVI in October 2022 to perform during the Washington Wizards vs Golden State Warriors NBA preseason game in Japan. Also, Dolly is an award-winning photographer who has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, and the Migos.

Dolly Ave – “Sit Still” single

Dolly Ave - “Sit Still” cover
Photo by Heather Gildroy

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