Derek Simpson

Derek Simpson releases an inspiring tune, entitled, “Wake Up”

Derek Simpson is a Long Beach-based alternative artist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter. Not too long ago, he released an inspiring tune, entitled, “Wake Up”.

Derek Simpson – “Wake Up”

“Can’t blame the kid, look at what’s around you. No one is bound to any type of clout. Look at what’s around you, family and all. Momma gives a call I’ma take it. I love that lady if it wasn’t for her I’ll be aimless. She got me shining and stainless.” – Derek Simpson raps

‘Wake Up’ tells a tale of a grateful young man who’s content with what he has. Also, he appreciates the good things in life that oftentimes people take for granted. Things such as waking up and seeing his loved ones, feeling the sun’s warmth, or the ability to dance in the pouring rain are a few reasons why he’s happy.

Derek Simpson – “Wake Up”

Derek Simpson
Niles Gregory @nilesgregoryphoto

“It is a big celebratory moment for me whenever I come back to the understanding that I have a lovely support system around me. Also, this is an expression of the gratitude that moment brings.” – Derek Simpson

Derek Simpson gained success after releasing multiple free albums via Soundcloud, under the alias—Planetarian. His music explores the value of holding a positive perspective in the face of confusion or adversity. Also, his recordings are written, produced, composed, and mixed solely by him.

In conclusion, we recommend adding Derek Simpson’s “Wake Up” single to your personal playlist.

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