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Derek Simpson releases a DIY music video for his “FRiENDS” single

Derek Simpson is an artist, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Long Beach, CA. Not too long ago, he released a DIY music video for his camaraderie tune, entitled, “FRiENDS”.

Derek Simpson – “FRiENDS” music video

“Smoke a doobie, have a groovy night. I’m gettin’ loopy have a movie night. Some Bud heavy and a Miller High Life! ‘Cause that’s the only sh*t I need in my life! I ain’t goin’ out, I’m feelin’ chill. Some Harry Potter and a sleepin’ pill. They said that I was just too much to deal. But Seb and Kristie said they love me still. Too many joyrides to help a buddy out. Too many talks, I don’t recall what they’re about.” – lyrics by Jack O’Brien

‘FRiENDS’ is a fun-loving ode to friendship and unbridled adult indulgence.

The likable tune features Derek Simpson alongside his closest friends and roommates—Zac Hartwell, Jack O’Brien, Sebastian Hibbert, and Linden Crumrine.

‘FRiENDS’ contains a relatable storyline and introspective rap vocals. Also, the song possesses mellow instrumentation flavored with hazy lo-fi hip-hop, bits psychedelia, and experimental pop elements.

Derek Simpson – “FRiENDS” single

Derek Simpson “FRiENDS” cover art

“‘FRiENDS’ is a love letter to the first support system I was introduced to outside of my hometown. I like to believe that at that age many of us are finding people we actually connect with for the first time. So we excitedly get together regularly and begin to build our tribes on the foundation of celebration. During the close of our time together in Allston, MA, a few of my buddies luckily jumped at the opportunity to take part in this musical mirror of our lifestyle. The reflection shows us something honest, sweaty, hilarious and sweet as we look back years later from three separate corners of the United States, together.” – Derek Simpson

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