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Dayna Reid releases an appealing music video for her insightful new Country single, entitled, “She’s Me”

Dayna Reid is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Canada. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her insightful new Country single, titled, “She’s Me.”

Dayna Reid – “She’s Me” music video

“Daydream on her shoulder, scared of getting older ‘cause that’s what they told her. Won’t listen to what they’re saying, this girl wants a change, and she don’t need saving.” – lyrics

‘She’s Me’ tells an intriguing tale about a determined young woman who isn’t afraid to roll with the waves and find her own way in life. Apparently, she’s a dreamer who wants to explore places outside of her hometown. So, she takes the road less traveled, knowing that chasing her dream will be an uphill battle. Later, she sings, “Life’s not handed on a silver platter, with this girl it doesn’t matter. Maybe, someday, she’ll come back around. She’s not afraid of leaving this town.”

‘She’s Me’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Caitlin Quisenberry, Sarah Lake, and Meredith Boyce. The reflective tune possesses thudding drums and electric-guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with a contemporary Country vibration. Furthermore, “She’s Me” follows mildly on the heels of Dayna Reid’s label debut EP, “Back To The Trailer,” via Open Road Recordings.

“Keep telling herself into that mirror, ‘Don’t let them bring you down.’”

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“I grew up in a small town and relate to people who are thankful for their experiences being in a small community so far but also want to see what else this big world has to offer them. ‘She’s Me’ is about keeping your feet on the ground and your head in the clouds while you’re going after your dream… whatever that may be.” – Dayna Reid explained

Dayna Reid was selected as this month’s iHeartRadio Future Star. She discovered her voice at a young age. After picking up a guitar, she began her musical journey of writing, singing, and growing her craft. After a chance encounter during the summer of 2019, Dayna was introduced to Beverley Mahood, who became her mentor and guide. Later, Dayna worked tirelessly on writing her story and creating the music she was meant to. Songs like She’s Me, Long Way Home, and the title track of her debut EP, Back to the Trailer, present a very personal narrative that inherently will resonate with people globally.

Dayna Reid – “She’s Me” single

Dayna Reid - “She’s Me” cover art

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