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Day Lee releases an engaging lyric video for his “Bad Vibes” single

Day Lee is a rising rapper from New York’s Lower East Side. Not too long ago, he released an engaging lyric video for his “Bad Vibes” single, via Republic Records.

Day Lee – “Bad Vibes” lyric video

“I can’t tell you sh*t without you bugging out. You better listen ‘cause your time is running out. I wish it was different you ain’t hold it down. Why you always tripping gotta slow it down, babe. I ain’t tryna leave you. Girl, I won’t deceive you. Just because I want you don’t be acting like I need you. Remember you had nothing I would be right there to feed you. No, I don’t believe you. Girl, your heart is see-through.” – lyrics

‘Bad Vibes’ tells a relevant tale of a young guy who shares a challenging relationship with his significant other. Apparently, whenever she’s around, she gives off a bad stream of energy that doesn’t sit right with him. Therefore, he doesn’t want her around unless she comes with good energy.

‘Bad Vibes’ contains a relatable narrative, harmonious rap vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the “Trap&B” tune possesses skittering cymbals-laden instrumentation flavored with a fresh contemporary rap ‘n’ R&B aroma. Furthermore, “Bad Vibes” contains key elements from Nelly’s “Dilemma” single featuring Kelly Rowland.  

“She used to be the homie now she’s evil”  

Day Lee press photo

“Lyrically, it’s something a lot of guys and girls can empathize with. You’re getting a bad feeling in a relationship. You have those butterflies in your chest and need to move on.” – Day Lee

Day Lee made a name for himself in 2017 when he released his “Mattress” single. Shortly afterward, the likable tune caught the attention of multi-platinum phenomenon, PnB Rock, who paved the way for Day Lee to sign to Republic Records. In the aftermath, he released “Two” [feat. OhGeesy] and “Right There” [feat. PnB Rock], drumming up millions of streams online.

“Bad Vibes” single

Day Lee - “Bad Vibes” cover

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