Danelle Sandoval

Danelle Sandoval releases a seductive tune, entitled, “Hands”, featuring French Braids

Danelle Sandoval is an R&B/Pop singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released “Hands”, the second single from her upcoming “For Love” EP featuring Toronto producer French Braids.

Danelle Sandoval – “Hands” feat. French Braids

“I’ll take my chance in your wilderness. Don’t need no sense with you. Let’s hideaway, got me powerless, it’s something physical. Don’t talk to me. No, we don’t need to speak. Our words don’t mean a thing. So save your conversation and let our bodies speak. Our words don’t mean a thing.” – lyrics

“Hands” is a seductive tune oozing with the pleasure-seeking thought of romance. Also, it contains an intimate storyline, silky-smooth vocals, melodic melodies, and lush instrumentation perfumed with a charismatic bounce.

The song came into existence after Sandoval made a courageous decision to travel many miles from her Los Angeles comfort zone to Toronto, Canada. The new environment inspired her to create an ear-loving tune that has replay value. 

Danelle Sandoval

Danelle Sandoval

“I was in a weird creative funk in LA, I kept going to sessions not knowing what to write or just didn’t connect with what I was writing about. I lived in LA practically all my life and at some point, I started to feel a little jaded. It wasn’t until I wrote with French Braids in LA, he was visiting from Toronto, where things started to really click. From there, I made the most spontaneous decision of my life to semi-base myself in Toronto and split time between cities.” – Danelle Sandoval

French Braids’ openness in the studio enabled Sandoval to experiment and step out of her habitual way of creating music. Also, their chemistry helped her to reconnect with the artist within her.

We recommend adding Danelle Sandoval’s “Hands” single to your personal playlist.

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