Danelle Sandoval - “Go” press photo

Danelle Sandoval releases an appealing music video for her “Go” single

Danelle Sandoval is a singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, she released an appealing music video for her “Go” single.

Danelle Sandoval – “Go” music video

“It’s been a while, but I’m so excited to share this video with all of you. I held on to this song for three years and I didn’t know the right time to release it – or if I would ever have the courage to release it. ‘Go’ started out as a love song. But, it became more than that. It became my message, my way of reclaiming my sexual identity, my way of speaking up against the rise of violence toward my community, and my way of empowering women that look like me and women in general. Also, it became my way to heal, process, reflect, and get back to my art.” – Danelle Sandoval explained

‘Go’ finds Danelle Sandoval singing about acceptance, empowerment, and confidence in her own skin as an Asian-American woman. The song begins with powerful affirmations that reinforce self-love and truth.

‘Go’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocalization, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with a contemporary R&B vibration. Furthermore, “Go” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Danelle Sandoval in the near future.


Danelle Sandoval - “Go” press photo

“It’s my way of reclaiming my sexual identity and not being anyone’s fantasy except my own. Because of the way I look, I’m assigned a certain role in society: to be submissive, acquiescent, meek, docile. And for a while, I defaulted to being those labels. Whether it was in relationships, the workplace, or even the music industry. It took me a lot to realize how much this affected my mental health. As an Asian-American woman, I can be dominant, I can initiate, I can take up space. And the art I make, the way I dress, and what I do is solely for my own pleasure, not for anyone else’s.” – Danelle Sandoval explained

Not too long ago, Danelle Sandoval emerged in the spotlight after posting a YouTube cover of “Tuesday” by ILoveMakonnen featuring  Drake. Following the song’s success, she released her EP, For Love, inspired by her time spent in Toronto, Canada.

Danelle Sandoval

Danelle Sandoval press photo

“After the Atlanta shooting, I was devastated, hurt, upset. It really made me feel the gravity of being an Asian woman in America. I examined how deeply-rooted stigmas and narratives unconsciously affected my mental health and how they were holding me back. I thought a lot about how I’ve been conditioned into a society where my life has been labeled with words that I know I’m not. I’m not a trophy, I’m not an object, and I’m not docile, submissive, or meek. I am not anyone’s fantasy except my own, and this whole project represents that.

Now, I know, that as a Filipino-American woman, I can take space. I can initiate, I have value, my body is mine. I am in charge of my own life and can take the lead in this world, in relationships, and in an industry where being a “pop star” as an Asian woman isn’t typical. By watching this video or listening to the song, I hope you feel empowered as much I did while creating both of them. Today also marks the first day of BIPOC Mental Health Month. Hope you can take the time to nourish and prioritize your well-being. Love you all so much.” – Danelle Sandoval explained

“Go” single

Danelle Sandoval - “Go” song cover art

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