Cristale - “Roadents” press photo

Cristale Unpacks Struggles of Inner-City Life in South London via her “Roadents” single

Cristale (@cristaleyy) is a rapper/poet from Brixton, South London, England. Not too long ago, she released a lovely music video for her new “Roadents” single via OVO Sound. The song finds Cristale illuminating her position as one of the UK’s most exciting upcoming rap talents.

Cristale – “Roadents” music video

‘Roadents’ is a simmering street editorial that delves into Cristale’s already impressive discography. Telling the often-overlooked stories of her generation is an area that motivates Cristale to continue releasing music. “Roadents” finds her in top form once again.

Over an insidiously inviting guitar loop and familiar skittering drill hi-hats, Cristale details a vivid tapestry of inner-city trauma in a way that seems both biographical and cinematic. The song will be featured in the upcoming final series of “Top Boy,” in which Cristale will also be making her TV acting debut.

Daily Duppy freestyle

‘Roadents’ arrives weeks after Cristale electrified listeners with her “Daily Duppy Freestyle” on GRM Daily. The platform had partnered with Nike and tapped in with the most exciting female talent from across the UK, in support of England’s campaign in the Women’s World Cup. In her performance, Cristale dazzled with her signature witty wordplay and intricate flows that made every moment engaging.


Cristale press photo

Cristale first entered the public consciousness in 2022 when the viral hit “Bong Bing” propelled her onto mobile devices across the globe. This was then followed by her debut EP, “What It’s Like To Be Young,” which further exemplifies her penchant for releasing biting records, encapsulating the energy of young, Black London. Across the project, Cristale effortlessly shifts between moods; at one moment frustrated, in another ferocious, and then hopeful for a better future, somehow keeping a sense of humor throughout.

As Cristale continues to release a string of quality records, it is clear that she can take many forms, all authentically true to herself. “Roadents” sees her solidifying her role as a true lyricist and voice within UK Rap.

Cristale – “Roadents” single

Cristale - “Roadents” cover

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