Coi Leray - “Slide” music video photo

Coi Leray and Gunna unveil a flirty audiovisual for their “Slide” single

Coi Leray is a rising rapper-singer from New Jersey. Not too long ago, she and (multi-platinum Atlanta titan) Gunna released a flirty audiovisual for their “Slide” single.

Coi Leray & Gunna – “Slide” music video

“Slide, I know you’re so lonely, just come on inside. We could talk or f**k, just let me make you mine. Big bags, baguettes, put me in some number (n)one. Boy, we could be so perfect, I promise that I’m worth it, aye. Yeah, we started off as friends and we did in it in a Benz. Had me curlin’ up my toes and we just ridin’ through the waves, so deep in. Boy, you got me open. Stay focused, give that boy a whiplash. When he dive in it, it’s like ‘Oh, sh*t’.” — lyrics

The steamy music video finds Coi Leray shining like never before, flexing one high-fashion look after another. And Gunna’s chemistry with Leray sizzles on screen. Also, the video contains intercutting choreography, charismatic rapping, and entrancing singing. Moreover, “Slide” serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear on Coi Leray’s latest EP, entitled, “Now or Never”.

“Now or Never” EP

Coi Leray - Now or Never cover art

“There’s twerking music, pain music, some R&B, and some trap. I just want to give them something that is to my full potential. I want to take them to a place that they’ve never been before. It’s now or never, and the time is now.” – Coi Leray stated

‘Now or Never’ continues to put up numbers and attract critical acclaim. Coi Leray set the stage for the EP with the single, “Do Better”. Also, the lead-off “Better Days” [feat. Fetty Wap] has tallied over five million total streams, while the animation visualizer surpassed 1.3 million YouTube views.

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