CLMD (Martin Danielle) is a multi-platinum-selling producer from Norway. Not too long ago, he released an entertaining music video for his “Trouble” single featuring Ingrid Helene Haavik.

CLMD – “Trouble”

“Trouble is really a song about how you’re drawn back into something you wanted to escape from or something that’s not good for you. Everyone knows how easy it can be to blame feelings you can’t control, and just follow stupid impulses. ‘Trouble’ is about feeling at rock-bottom, but disguised as a feel-good song. I think most people can relate to it.” – CLMD

The Frederic Esnault-directed video finds CLMD and a bunch of troublemakers breaking into a mansion. Shortly afterward, a full-fledged party erupts, which eventually pours out into the backyard. A wild night of debauchery continues while CLMD deejays a memorable celebration, which is captured on Polaroid.

CLMD press photo

photo by @olemh

‘Trouble’ is an ode to relationship break-ups. The track, shortly after its releases, has already hit number #27 in Norway. Also, it’s follow-up hit single to CLMD’s “Dust” song, which has amassed over 15 million streams on Spotify.

Not too long ago, CLMD was a mentor on the Norwegian version of ‘The Voice’. Legendary DJ and broadcaster, Pete Tong, dubbed him ‘Norway’s Finest’. He has toured with Swedish House Mafia legend Steve Angello on his ‘SIZE Matters’ schedule. Also, he has built up an insatiable back-catalog and has done remix duties for Bruno Mars, Estelle, Nervo, and Arty.

CLMD – “Trouble”

CLMD + Trouble artwork

We recommend adding CLMD’s “Trouble” single to your personal playlist.

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