Christine Ekeberg - Beautiful Mess self-portrait
Edited by Tanja Berko

Christine Ekeberg releases an attractive piano ballad, entitled, “Beautiful Mess”

Christine Ekeberg is a talented singer-songwriter and vocal coach from Norway. Not too long ago, she released an attractive piano ballad, entitled, “Beautiful Mess.” Estonian producer, Rasmus Laks, recorded the piano and mixed and mastered the song. The vocals were recorded at Are Sorknes in Norway, and the lyrics were written by Christine Ekeberg, Rasmus Telle, and Kjersti Sleveland.

Christine Ekeberg – “Beautiful Mess” single

“Look at all these colors, painted on my wall. Correcting all my flaws, it’s time to let them go. Still I am scared, perfection was all that I wanted. Mirrors reflecting a haunted side of me, I’m just a beautiful mess. I always get lost when I’m found. I feel like I’m touching the ground when my head is high up in the clouds. Oh, what a beautiful mess, my flaws are a part of my story. I can’t be the one that I wanted, so I’m a beautiful mess.” – lyrics

‘Beautiful Mess’ revolves around self-acceptance, emotional vulnerability, and mental health. The touching tune contains a love-yourself narrative, tuneful melodies, and an expressive vocal performance that will resonate well with fans of Adele, Lewis Capaldi, and Anne-Marie. Furthermore, “Beautiful Mess” possesses piano-driven instrumentation flavored with Adult Contemporary and acoustic pop elements. Also, “Beautiful Mess” belongs somewhere in the same sonic ballpark where Adele’s “Easy On Me” single resides.

“Sometimes I think, ‘If I could only be different for a day, maybe, that would take the pain away?”

Christine Ekeberg - Beautiful Mess self-portrait
Edited by Tanja Berko

“This is a very personal topic for me. For years, I’ve strived for perfection, but that has led me nowhere. It only made me hold back songs and I didn’t dare to be me 100%. I tend to write about my overthinking and being way too much in my head, and this song is certainly in that category.” – Christine Ekeberg explained

Christine Ekeberg plays with dualism in her sound and aesthetics. She’s sophisticated and always approachable; electro-pop, but at times, acoustic. A well-trained vocalist, Christine has spent the majority of her life on stage. Also, her vocal performance reminds listeners of artists like Ella Henderson and Demi Lovato.

Christine Ekeberg

Christine Ekeberg - Beautiful Mess self-portrait
Edited by Tanja Berko

An overachiever, Christine has participated in contests at an early age. When she was 12 years old, she won her first talent competition and performed two of her own songs at Norway’s finale of the Global Battle of the Bands in 2008. After winning this contest, she sang them at the world final at the Scala in London.

2011 presented Christine with the opportunity to participate in the World Championship of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, where she won a silver medal in all of her categories. In 2019, she signed to Rexius Records and recently participated in a Norwegian TV show to be aired after New Year’s eve. The show will feature her cover of “Landslide” (Fleetwood Mac).

“Beautiful Mess” single

Christine Ekeberg - “Beautiful Mess” song cover art

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