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Chloey Wilson releases a lovely sentimental pop tune, entitled, “Nothing Ever Feels Like Home”

Chloey Wilson is an up-and-coming Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Seattle, Washington. Not too long ago, she released a lovely sentimental pop tune, entitled, “Nothing Ever Feels Like Home.”

Chloey Wilson – “Nothing Ever Feels Like Home”

“I know I gotta go be on my own, and it’s holding me back thinkin’ how it used to be. I’m caught up in a lie faking that I’m getting on better than the 20 years I used to spend at home. I wanna go back home. And all the places that I’ll go, nothing ever feels like home. Home is where the rain and thunderstorms rattle my dreams and bring the calm. I found a place where those clouds break and I start to think I will be okay.” – lyrics

‘Nothing Ever Feels Like Home’ tells a nostalgic tale about a young woman who relocates many miles away from her adored hometown. Apparently, every day she thinks about the 20 years she spent growing up there. Now, she misses her family, the day trips, and the fun times spent burning campfires by the lake. Later, she admits that her hometown friends make moving on harder because she still needs them in her life.

“All the places that I’ll go, nothing ever feels like home.”

Chloey Wilson press photo
Photo by Matt Richlove

“After moving to Nashville, I found myself missing home a lot. My friends, my family, and the state itself. I wrote this song with my friend Bryan when we were both thinking about how hard it is to leave home. Yet how important it is for growth and realization. I am so happy to be in Nashville now pursuing my dreams but I am always going to miss my home, Seattle, Washington. Also, nothing will ever quite compare to the memories and people I have there.” – Chloey Wilson explained

Chloey Wilson has been writing and singing for as long as she can remember. She moved to Nashville to secure a career in music, and to be surrounded by other aspiring artists. Living in Nashville has expanded her horizons. Currently, she is co-writing with other artists and refocusing her sound to a more pop/r&b direction rather than the pop/country sound she felt pushed to pursue when she first started out. Wilson adores Nashville but eventually plans on going back to Washington because nothing really feels like home. However, in the meantime, she’s extremely excited about where she currently resides. “It’s very personal, emotional. But also very positive as I feel like I am in a really great place right now.”

“Nothing Ever Feels Like Home” EP

Chloey Wilson - “Nothing Ever Feels Like Home” cover

‘Nothing Ever Feels Like Home’ contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will surely resonate well with fans of Sasha Sloan, Ariana Grande, Lennon Stella, and Tate McRae. Also, the likable tune possesses moody instrumentation flavored with a warm sentimental pop aroma. ‘Nothing Ever Feels Like Home’ serves as a wonderful presentation of what listeners can expect to hear on Chloey Wilson’s new EP, entitled, “Nothing Ever Feels Like Home.”

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