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Caitlin Quisenberry releases a remarkable cover of Cody Johnson’s “I Always Wanted To” single

Caitlin Quisenberry is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Denver, Colorado. Not too long ago, she released a remarkable cover of Cody Johnson’s “I Always Wanted To” single, written by Allen Shamblin, Tom Douglas (writers of Miranda Lambert’s hit “The House That Built Me”), and Jordyn Shellhart. GRAMMY-nominated producer, Sal Oliveri (#1 with P!nk and Chris Stapleton), composed the dynamic instrumentation that masterfully mirrors Caitlin’s emotive vocal style.

Caitlin Quisenberry – “I Always Wanted To” single

“They talk like I can’t hear ’em when they have to change my sheets. They’re gettin’ tired and angry ’cause I won’t accept defeat. Uncle Frank lived to be a hundred, hell, I’m only 95. I ain’t raising no white flag while I’m still alive. I always wanted a son, I always wanted a woodshed, I always wanted to ride on an open range and learn how to fly a plane. But I guess even pictures we never take, memories we’ll never make still fade. I never did all I wanted to do but I always wanted to.” – lyrics

‘I Always Wanted To’ tells a heartfelt tale about a 95-year-old man’s resilience, loss, and regrets. As life slowly fades, he reveals, They took away my keys, sayin’ I’m too old to drive. It’s like they’re tryin’ to bury me while I’m still alive. Later, he mentions losing his angel, Marie, at a young age. “That fever stole her from me, I was 27 and she was just 25.”

‘I Always Wanted To’ contains a sentimental narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Halle Kearns, Hannah May Allison, and Maggie Baugh. The sunsetting evergreen tune possesses guitar-driven instrumentation bursting at the seams with an extremely warm Country vibration. Furthermore, “I Always Wanted To” is a guaranteed tearjerker that will surely age well due to its heavy replay value.

“I never did all I wanted to do but I always wanted to.”

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“I’ve been aching to record this song for over a year now. When it was pitched to me, I immediately fell in love with it. But it was quickly snatched up by another artist – Cody Johnson. When I heard him sing it, coupled with the fact that he is one of my favorite artists, my desire to cover his song was put into motion. The lyrics are both sad and inspirational. They remind me of my aging grandparents and all they’ve gone through. But at the same time, the words have also inspired me to do the things ‘I always wanted to’ do. It’s not often when a song is so powerful it changes the trajectory of your life, and that’s what this song has done for me.” – Caitlin Quisenberry explained

‘I Always Wanted To’ cover is definitely one of Caitlin Quisenberry’s best-recorded songs. It’s certainly up there with a few of her other heartfelt tunes including “Take Only What You Need,” “I Will, I Swear, I Do,” “What If,” and “Blue.” Also, “I Always Wanted To” has a nostalgic feel and I believe Caitlin when she sings, “I always wanted a son.” That’s my favorite part, and I adore this type of Country from Caitlin, who keeps getting better and better with each release. Also, the chemistry on this song is amazing, and I would surely like to hear more music like this from her in the near future; music that speaks directly to everyday life and interpersonal relationships.

Caitlin Quisenberry

Caitlin Quisenberry press photo

Not too long ago, Caitlin Quisenberry was nominated “New Artist of the Year 2022” by Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards. She was the only female nominated in this category. And her nomination falls on the heels of a breakout year with CMT showcasing her singles, WHAT IF, and TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. Also, Spotify placed her music on seven editorial playlists, which include: New Boots, Breakout Country, Next from Nashville, Country Wedding, Fresh Finds, New Music Nashville, Country Christmas, and Spotify Stations.

“I Always Wanted To” single

Caitlin Quisenberry - “I Always Wanted To” song cover art

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