Big Boss Vette - “Snatched” press photo

Big Boss Vette releases an attractive music video for her “Snatched” single 

Big Boss Vette is a rising rapper from St. Louis, Missouri. Not too long ago, she released an attractive music video for her “Snatched” single via Beatstaz, Amigo Records, and Republic Records.

Big Boss Vette – “Snatched” music video

“Baby, bend me over, got this pu$$y soaking wet (water). Ride it on my feet, boy, you f***ing with a vet (on God). He ain’t never ever ever had no pu$$y this good (at all). Moaning in my ear (I’m finna come), I wish you would (tf). Got my ni^^as trained, tell that ho to pick a day (pick it). Call me, Supa Soaka, let me put it in yo face (water). Make Only Fans of me bouncing on d*ck (big nie). No cap up in my rap, I’ma ride it doing a split, yuh. Show me how you coming, I ain’t with all of that talking (wssp). If I give it to you, tear it, you better dawg it (woof).” – lyrics

‘Snatched’ tells a sensual tale about a young woman who shares a sexual relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she has his heart in her hands because she possesses some good coochie.

Big Boss Vette teased a snippet of “Snatched” via TikTok, and it has already inspired over 20,000 video creations and counting. The likable tune contains braggadocious raps, explicit lyrics, and a hardcore rap appeal. Also, “Snatched” possesses melodic instrumentation bursting with a flavorful hip-hop vibration. Furthermore, the song follows on the heels of Vette’s previously released singles such as “Big Boss Vette” and “Eater.”

Big Boss Vette

Big Boss Vette press photo
Photo by Raven Elyse

“I’m a grown woman , ain’t no running, I’ma take it (cummer). Better put it down ‘cause this moan I ain’t gone fake it (yuh). Grabbing on my ankles, I’ll take a ni^^a soul (touch them ankles bih). Two-degree weather type of throat, you know I’m cold (burrrr). Fold me like a pretzel on that thing I’m doing tricks (yuh). Popped an x pill, acrobatics on that d*ck (cummer). I like my ni^^as nasty, have ‘em sucking on my feet (slurp). At ya mom’s house, why you being weird to me (come outside). If ya d*ck good, ain’t no way that you gon’ ghost me (on God). Possessive a** pu$$y, leave you dripping, bed soaking (cummer). Pu$$y so good make a ni^^a wanna trap me (uh un). Popped a Plan B, b*tch, you know that ain’t gon’ happen (ha-ha-ha).” – lyrics

Big Boss Vette – “Snatched” [Line by Line]

Big Boss Vette isn’t a stranger to making bangers and she continues to make waves across the culture. After accumulating over 30 million streams independently, she attracted the attention of Republic Records and landed a deal with the label. Now, she’s got even more heat on deck. You’ve been warned. There’s a new lyrical boss in town, and she has a long line of listeners who are eagerly waiting to get their souls snatched.

“He ain’t never ever ever had no pu$$y this good (on God). Moaning in my ear (I’m finna come), I wish you would.”

Big Boss Vette - “Snatched” song cover art

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