Becky and the Birds (Thea Gustafsson) is a singer-songwriter and producer from Sweden. Not too long ago, she released “Concept Store”, a lovely single from her upcoming debut EP.

“Concept Store”

Concept Store incorporates jazzy pianos with bass and elements of hip-hop. Also, Becky and the Birds’ lush vocals soar through the track alongside samples she plucked straight outta nature.

Becky and the Birds

Becky and the Birds

Photo by @sandrathrssn

Concept Store is about when you find yourself obsessing over what the person you love is thinking. I guess you could say that it’s about some kind of paranoia, you’re stuck with the thought and the feeling that he or she is about to leave, and soon you’ll start over-analyzing shit.” – Becky and the Birds stated

‘Concept Store’ is the second track to be taken from Becky and the Birds’ forthcoming debut EP, which will be released later this spring.

Crying at the “Concept Store”

Becky and the Birds

The project will feature a genre-spanning blend of lush electronics with nods to trip-hop. Also, it will have elements of ‘90s R&B, similar to SZA, Solange, and Ella Fitzgerald.

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