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Ballad releases a groovy contemporary R&B tune, entitled, “If”

Ballad is a rising singer-songwriter from Luanda, Angola. Not too long ago, he released a groovy contemporary R&B tune, entitled, “If”, produced by Jay Muse.

Ballad – “If” single

“‘If’ is the first track on my ‘For, Lost Thoughts’ EP, which touches on the themes of joy, love, depression, and acceptance. Also, ‘If’ represents joy.” – Ballad

‘If’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lush instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B and neo-soul elements.    

The likable tune is featured on Ballad’s latest EP, entitled, “For, Lost Thoughts”. Also, you can get acquainted with the artist’s music by streaming his project via Spotify.

Ballad – “For, Lost Thoughts” EP

Ballad – “For, Lost Thoughts artwork
“This felt like therapy for me, like I needed to get out all of these emotions that life has taken me through.”

Ballad’s soulful sound is reminiscent of Maxwell and Prince, all wrapped up in one. Also, his music has amassed over 200K streams online.

His “For, Lost Thoughts” EP is his most personal project to date because it’s laced with vulnerability. Also, every word uttered from Ballad tells a story, his story. 

The 5-track project highlights a transitioning period in Ballad’s life where he ultimately learned some of his biggest lessons in love. Also, it includes his “Wondering” single, which is dedicated to love lost.

We recommend adding Ballad’s “If” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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