Baby FuzZ + Plastic Paradise + artwork

Baby FuzZ releases a Hawaiian-infused, ’50s-styled ballad, entitled, “Mr. Blu”

Baby FuzZ (Sterling Fox) is an alternative singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, he released a Hawaiian-infused, ’50s-style ballad, entitled, “Mr. Blu”.

“Mr. Blu”

“‘Mr. Blu,’ like the rest of the songs on ‘Plastic Paradise’, showcases Baby FuzZ as a strange melodramatic tour de force. The project is a bizarre schizo jazz crooner tune which manages to tap into some stellar songwriting.”

Shy “Twin Peaks”-y vocals start the track off in a subtle way. Before you know it, Baby FuzZ takes the vocals to new heights, revealing a Mike Patton style scream that’s used sparingly but effectively.

‘Mr Blu’ contains a dreamy storyline, delicate vocals, and retro instrumentation flavored with classic rock ‘n’ roll elements. The charismatic tune is featured on Baby FuzZ’s self-produced, and genre-defying album, entitled, “Plastic Paradise”. Also, the 10-track project showcases the artist’s glittery, dynamic, and ever-changing sound.

“Plastic Paradise” album

Not too long ago, Baby FuzZ left New York for Montreal after the 2016 election. While in Canada, he came up with his Baby FuzZ alter ego and created an album based on that character. Since then, his music has amassed over 1.2M streams on Spotify and his music videos have collectively accumulated over 509K views on YouTube.

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