B-Side Project releases 5 remixes of Zangba’s “I’m Good for You” single ft. Maskerade

B-Side Project is a remix contest based in the U.K. It’s opened to musicians and electronic/dance producers. Not too long ago, they released 5 unique remixes of ZANGBA’s “I’m Good for You” single for their 2017-2018 remix contest.

Five talented UK producers remixed Zangba’s “I’m Good for You” single for B-Side Project’s remix competition.

Listen to their Electronic remixes below and vote for the one you like the most by liking the track via SoundCloud.

Workstrom (Sweden) – “I’m Good for You (Remix)

Ganador – “I’m Good for You (Remix)”

Toby Warren (UK) – “I’m Good for You (Remix)”

Aubrey Whitfield (UK) – “I’m Good for You (Remix)”


TI-LO – “I’m Good for You (Remix)”

Check out the original version of “I’m Good for You”, a single from Zangba’s “Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B” album featuring Maskerade.

ZANGBA – “Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B” album

I’m Good for You is an urban-Pop fun song, where boy meets girl and girl is a much better fit than boy’s previous girlfriend.” Zangba (lyrics)

The B-Side Project remix contest is in association with Sound On Sound magazine. Also, Prism Sound, Genelec, and Shure sponsored the competition.

ZANGBA – B-Side Project

B-Side Project

Vote for the best remixes of Zangba’s “I’m Good for You” single by liking the remix track on SoundCloud. Public voting ends 1/21/2018 at 12 noon GMT.

Also, the Remix Awards will take place on February 01, 2018 at Strongroom Studio Bar in London.

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