B. Aull
Photo by Tunex

B. Aull addresses his success on his “Come Down” single

B. Aull is an up-and-coming rapper out of Maine. Not too long ago, he addressed his success and resilience on his “Come Down” single.

B. Aull – “Come Down”

Come Down is a song about the recent success that Aull has received. Also, it highlights how success can lead to people trying to take advantage of him.”

Also, Angelo Mota, a native of New Jersey, produced the track.

B. Aull

B. Aull
Photo by @garrettclare

Aull, 23, was recently named ‘Maine’s Best Hip Hop Act’ by the local press. Also, his goal is to break the mold of how people view Maine and hip-hop music.

Not too long ago, he released a music video for his club-friendly single, entitled, “The Feeling”.

B. Aull – “The Feeling”

“I ain’t just some dude that be spitting mad rude at you. On the dance floor over at the beer brew. I came with a certain style, I came here to flirt and smile. I came here to make you laugh, raise your glass. Get off the mothaf*ckin wall girl and shake ya ass. ‘Cause I’ma be the one up in the middle of the circle. Getting jiggy till my face turn purple.” – Aull

The Zachary Greaton-directed video shows the artist waking up to the sight of a woman. Also, the following scenes show him following her outside. He’s trying to get her attention but she keeps walking away.

But she leaves in a vehicle with another man. Later, the artist sees her at a party. This time, he doesn’t let her leave and dances with her on the dancefloor.

But it was all a dream. When he wakes up for real, the woman in his dream is there. He was dreaming about his girlfriend.

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