B. Aull is an up-and-coming rapper from Portland, Maine. Not too long ago, he released a brand new hip-hop tune, entitled, “Built for This”.

B. Aull – “Built for This”

“Can’t lie, I feel so amazing. Got will for this, you ain’t know the craving. Picking up speed like I was roller blading. Downhill, black ice, snowy road I’m blazing. If you know where I come from then you know ain’t nobody care till everybody else do. Why you waiting for somebody else to help you? I always got myself, it don’t matter if they fell through. Don’t know what to tell you. ‘Cause I don’t know sh*t yet. But there’s sh*t I know I know that just ain’t click yet.”

B. Aull spits sharp bars and smooth flows with unwavering confidence. Also, “Built for This” focuses on the idea of believing in oneself inwardly and verbally to manifest a successful future.

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