Avery Dakin - “Bloom” press photo

Avery Dakin releases a lovely indie R&B single, entitled, “Comin’ Up”

Avery Dakin is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Not too long ago, she released a lovely indie R&B single, titled, “Comin’ Up,” via Wharf Records.

Avery Dakin – “Comin’ Up” single

‘Comin’ Up’ finds Avery Dakin singing about treating herself with kindness and searching for a little forgiveness. Once upon a time, she used to crave the familiar, but now those things are only holding her back. “What’s going on when I’m not around?” she wants to know. Floating, barely finding her way home, she realizes there’s something lonely about fear and stillness, and she just can’t stand it.

‘Comin’ Up’ contains easygoing vocals, tuneful melodies, and a relatable, mental health-based narrative that will resonate well with anyone who thinks this world is deeper than they’ve ever wanted to know. The mellow tune possesses saturated drums and groovy bass-laden instrumentation flavored with indie R&B and neo-soul elements. Furthermore, “Comin’ Up” is featured on Avery Dakin’s new nine-track album, entitled, “Bloom.”

Avery Dakin – “Bloom” album

Avery Dakin - Bloom album cover

Avery Dakin is steeped in the vintage sensibilities and powerful emotionality of Amy Winehouse, paired with her dreamy, longing vocals reminiscent of the crooners of eras past. She fuses old and new in her dynamic, thoughtfully crafted music. Her lyrical sensitivity, unique storytelling, and varied arrangements and styles can be found, emerging from the shadows into the light, in her debut EP, “Settle Down,” which grapples with themes of love, mental health, loss, and living with a heart that is entirely too big.

Avery Dakin

Avery Dakin - “Bloom” press photo

Dakin’s soft-hearted, soulful accounts of life’s most intimate moments are youthful and refreshing, sometimes playful and cheeky, while still reflecting her old soul and capacity for rawness. Cushioned within lush, shimmering harmonies and longing melodies, bathing in a soft sweetness, her music implores you to sway along to the sounds of heartache, introspection, and a woman finding her voice in spite, and because of it all.

Avery Dakin press photo

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