Arlissa - “Hard To Be” press photo

Arlissa releases an emotional R&B single, entitled, “Hard To Be”

Arlissa is a German-born, London-raised, singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an emotional R&B single, titled, “Hard To Be,” via bigbootyrecords.

Arlissa – “Hard To Be” single

“We could have had it all, you said we have it all. Why would you say what you told me? Yeah, you told me. Being in love and a family – was that all a font to comfort me? Make me believe that you wanted this forever and ever. Sh*t go rough, we ride it together. Swore to me that you’d make it better. But it’s hard to be, you took the trust right out of me, baby. Now, the only thing we have is what we could have been.” – lyrics

‘Hard To Be’ tells a heartfelt tale about a woman who struggles to get over a breakup with her significant other. Apparently, her ex-partner departed when they were going through a very dark and difficult time. Now, whatever trust she had in her system is pouring out of her heart at an alarming rate. In pain, she tells her ex-partner, “Do you even know what kind of love you let go? I hope you open up your eye and remember all those sacred nights when we were one love, f****** and meditating, touching you and we’re levitating.”

‘Hard To Be’ is a sensitive, intimate, cool, and sexy song that pairs Arlissa’s yearning vocal with soft finger-picked guitar and dreamy atmospherics. The track’s melancholic feel comes courtesy of engrossing production from Baca & Brandn (Alina Baraz, Issa Rae, Hope Tala). Furthermore, “Hard To Be” is another tantalizing glimpse into Arlissa’s long-awaited debut album, entitled, “The OPEN-HEARTED,” set for release in May.

“The only thing we have is what we could have been.”

Arlissa press photo

“I wrote ‘Hard To Be’ when I entered the acceptance stage of the grief I felt at the end of my relationship. It’s about acknowledging the only thing we had left was ‘what we could’ve been’ and knowing that our relationship would be forever in the past. The loss of the living is the strangest feeling because you know they’re around. But they are no longer with you. It’s a sadness that lingers.” – Arlissa explained

An in-demand songwriting talent, Arlissa has written and performed on “We Won’t Move” from the critically acclaimed movie, “The Hate U Give,” BTS’s “Spring Day,” Zayne’s comeback hit “Flames,” and “Eyes Off You” for Ariana Grande’s soundtrack for Charlie’s Angels. Receiving praise across the board, Arlissa has been championed by notable tastemakers and media outlets. Also, she has performed on Good Morning America and The Today Show.

“Hard To Be” proceeds “Games,” Arlissa’s first release of the year. The song becomes the fifth in an extensive new singles campaign running throughout 2023 for the singer-songwriter/model.

Arlissa – “Hard To Be” single

Arlissa - “Hard To Be” cover art

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