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‘To me, it represents freedom’: AO talks about her brand-new album, entitled, “Life out Loud (Lol)”

AO (Aria Pullman-Ostrander) is a multi-talented musician and singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she talked about her brand-new album, entitled, “Life out Loud (Lol),” featuring the likable singles, “Disappear,” “Minnesota,” “Heaven,” and “Through the Storm.”

AO – “Disappear” lyric video

Where are you from, and what is life like there?

AO: I am from Upstate, New York, the Catskill Mountains. Life there is well, there are two sides actually. I was raised on my Aunt and Uncle’s Hippie Farm (a communal space if you will) which was beautiful and inspiring and free and really developed my love of freeform music and jamming. On the other hand, we were very very poor and lived sort of on the outskirts of town which is/was very conservative. So I think we were looked down on. I heard things like “those dirty hippies” a lot. That said, I love-love-love my hometown and I write about it in almost all of my tunes in some shape, form, or fashion.

Growing up, who were some of your musical influences?

AO: Nina Simone was my first musical love. I dug deep into her music for sure, because of the pain you could hear in her voice. You could tell she had lived a life! Also, Stevie Nicks, Neil Young, Regina Spector, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the White Stripes. And today, Lana Del Rey, Billie Eilish, Fiona Apple, Kesha, and Lady Gaga. That’s a lot! That doesn’t even cover the jazz I love. I just really, really love music!


Tell us about your new project and what inspired you to record it?

AO: My new project is my first ever solo record! I have been in bands my entire musical career (apocalypstik, Some Go Haunting). And in the pandemic, I felt like I needed to create something all my own.

Then I got a publishing deal and I was writing at a more rapid pace. Then the publishing house gave me a record deal, and I thought, “Wow! Here we go!” Then I got dropped, as the entire company was being sold to a bigger publishing house (the biggest actually, their stock is worth two billion dollars right now). And I just think I got lost in the shuffle. But I was devastated.

At the same time, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years now. And I’ve been on many, many auditions. So I’m used to being rejected. I have thick skin. I dusted off my boots and used that rejection as fuel to my fire and I created “Life out Loud (LOL).” I teamed up with Mondo Cozmo, who produced it, and we came up with a nice eight-song album.

What would you say is the central theme of the album, the main message?

AO: Well, I think it’s a journey. It starts with a triumphant song, “Life out Loud.” Then it takes a nose-dive turn on the rest of the record, eventually, evening out along the way. Just like life, sometimes the unexpected happens and curveballs are thrown. It’s in those moments, how we react, where the character is shown and built. I hope that someone can listen to this album and go on this journey with me because music is a universal language.

“Life out Loud (Lol)” album

AO - Life out Loud (Lol) album cover art

AO: I love “Life out Loud.” To me, it represents freedom. “We’ve got the windows down, ‘cause we don’t care about it. Our stars already found we live our life out loud.” To me, it represents being an artist, what it means to live your life on the fringe of societal norms like a 9-5 job, house, kids, etc. And how good it feels to just drive sometimes. In the bridge, I sing: “Don’t let ‘em take over, hold on to what you do. I’ll just do me, babe, and you, you just do you.” That line sums up the life I lead with Mondo Cozmo and the music we make together. We just do us! And that is scary and liberating all at once.

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