Anderson .Paak's .Paak House Radio Season 2 featuring Victoria Monét
Photo Credit: .Paak House Radio on Apple Music 1

Anderson .Paak’s “.Paak House Radio” Podcast returns to Apple Music 1 for Season 2 feat. Victoria Monét, Saweetie, and aespa

Anderson .Paak’s .Paak House Radio returns to Apple Music 1 for Season 2, featuring a musical experience that goes beyond radio to include music videos, sketch comedy, and a rotating cast of A-list guests like Amber Rose, Saweetie, Victoria Monét, The Linda Lindas, and aespa, as well as live performances from the house band Free Nationals, ScHoolboy Q, Shenseea, and more. And for the first time ever, the show will exist on both Apple Music 1 and Apple Music TV (available on the Apple TV app).

Victoria Monét Visits .Paak House Radio

On the inaugural episode of Season 2, Anderson .Paak is joined on set by Victoria Monét. He kicks things off with Monét in matching leopard print outfits in a ‘candid camera’-style sketch, before sitting down with her to discuss the meaning behind her latest album, JAGUAR II.

Victoria Monét: I’ve been in the music industry for a long time as a songwriter. Well, that’s what people knew me as, but I was always doing my artist projects and a lot of people met me first songwriting. So ‘Jaguar,’ I felt a lot like the animal. They are like in the jungle, and they’re hidden behind the woods. They’re not really seen. And then there’s a right moment when they attack and pounce and become the huntress. So I feel like the album should symbolize that light. Like stepping into that light. Like being fearless and fierce, and like getting what I always wanted.

Victoria Monét: “On My Mama” Dance Challenge | .Paak House

Anderson .Paak: It’s your time. Do you ever think you’ll transition from a jaguar to a cougar?

Victoria Monét: Oh, come on. Are you calling me old?

AP: No. I’m saying, do you think they’ll ever… is that the trajectory? Or are you always going to have that jaguar vibe?

VM: I don’t want to be a cougar. Cougar means like you like younger men.

AP: Right. And is your man, is he older?

VM: But he is younger. He is only two years. Only two years. But he is younger. But I don’t think I’ll ever call myself… I don’t think I’d ever call myself a cougar.

AP: I like the jaguar.

VM: I’m a puma.

aespa Visits .Paak’s House Radio

aespa helps Anderson .Paak assemble a drum kit, before breaking into a performance of their song “Better Things” with .Paak on drums.

aespa: “Better Things” Dance Challenge | .Paak House

In Episode 2, .Paak is later joined on set by Saweetie and hitmaker Rogét Chahayed where they test their music knowledge with a game of “Name That Tune.” Saweetie talks about growing up in the church and debates the differences between Wendy’s and McDonalds, before freestyling a new theme song for Wendy’s.

Saweetie Talks to Anderson .Paak About Church | .Paak House

Anderson .Paak: Did you grow up with church?

Saweetie: Yeah, my grandparents are pastors. Apostolic Christian. I was a church baby. Monday through Monday. I mean, my parents were out, you know, and my grandparents would babysit me. So, I’d be at the church with them.

AP: Were you in the choir?

S: Yeah, but them mics stank. You know the church good when the mic stink.

AP: Wow. So, did you use to get whoopings?

S: I ain’t finna say that on TV. I was disciplined.

Saweetie and Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak's .Paak House Radio Season 2 featuring Saweetie
Photo Credit: .Paak House Radio on Apple Music 1

Anderson .Paak: You still go church?

Saweetie: Sometimes, when I go home. But I feel I have church every day because I think faith is stronger than religion, you feel me?

AP: Hell Yeah. Praise him now.

S: Hallelujah. Amen.

AP: What about when it’s time to do offering? Does everyone be looking at like, “Come on.”

S: Well, I always did offering, even as a little girl. I still do offering.

AP: But now you back, you’re famous…did the pastor go like “Come on now, we need that new building.” You be cutting checks?

S: You got to. My prayer warriors. They praying for me in this industry. We got to have that happen.

Anderson .Paak’s “.Paak House Radio”

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