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Saweetie releases a cool music video for her “Good Good” single

Saweetie is a rapper out of the Bay Area, California. Not too long ago, she released a cool music video for “Good Good”, a catchy single from her “High Maintenance” project.

Saweetie – “Good Good”

“In my Toyota but it’s feelin’ like a Rover when I ride. If Daddy trickin’ then I’m Trina, so come let me slip and slide. You in the north, I’m in the south, that’s like a 30 minute drive. But wait, oh sh*t, a little longer since I’m on the 405. You know how traffic be backed up, hard to be on time. And it take a minute for me to get this fine. I be dressed to kill these hoes, so it’s worth the crime. Please don’t catch an attitude ’cause then I will catch mine.”

The video begins with the artist looking at a picture of a man on her cell phone. She gets a call from her girlfriend and they have a discussion about the guy that Saweetie was looking at.

The following scenes show her performing at a house party. Also, nostalgic scenes from the past surface every now and then.

Check out Saweetie’s “High Maintenance” project via Spotify.  

“High Maintenance”


The 9-track EP is a 20-minute lavish journey perfumed with expensive thoughts. Also, the braggadocios project includes the artist’s breakout hit, entitled, “ICY GRL”. Also, she defines the noun Icy Grl as chargin’ by the minute cause her time is pricey.

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