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Abhi The Nomad releases a music video for his “Marbled (Acoustic)” single

Abhi The Nomad is an Austin, Texas-based rapper originally from India. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Marbled (Acoustic)” single.

Abhi The Nomad – “Marbled (Acoustic)”

“Oh, what a sinner, Lo and behold Iʼm playing life on beginner. The points stacking in change, and ainʼt no change to be given. No B to follow the A, read and follow the grades. The rules given are simple, I didn’t catch ’em. Begin again, binge, and drink again. Smile and pretend again, ladies and gentlemen: Welcome to Rock Bottom. Now I be swimming with goldfishes when God called up. Told him, ‘come pick me out of this bowl’.” — lyrics

‘Marbled (Acoustic)’ is the title track from Abhi The Nomad’s new acoustic EP.

The 5-track project serves as a creative alternative to Nomad’s debut album, entitled, “Marbled”.

The stripped-down single showcases a raw and unfiltered version of Abhi The Nomad.

“Marbled (Acoustic)”

Abhi The Nomad - “Marbled (Acoustic)” artwork

Buy tickets to see Abhi The Nomad perform

Abhi The Nomad just had a massive 2018 which saw him rake in over 20M streams. Also, he secured his O1 visa and took off on his debut headlining tour around North America.

2019 is shaping up to take things to the next level for Nomad. He recently performed at the Austin Music Awards and is currently closing out a string of shows in support of Oliver Tree.

Get acquainted with Abhi The Nomad’s music by streaming his “Marbled” album via Spotify.

“Marbled” album

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