Zendaya press photo
Photo by Tomás Herold for Valentino

New study reveals Zendaya is the most fashionable celebrity of 2022

Zendaya is officially the most fashionable celebrity of 2022, as she receives more than 21,760 monthly searches for her style. Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish rank second and third, respectively. Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner both rank among the top 10.

The study, conducted by frugal living experts CommonCentsMom.com examined Google search data to analyze the past year of Google searches across America for various search terms associated with fashion and style for over 100 of the most fashionable celebrities worldwide. These search terms were then combined to give each celebrity a total score to discover the most fashionable women of 2022.

Zendaya is the fashion icon of the year

Zendaya press photo
Photo by Tomás Herold for Valentino

“Whether attending a red carpet event or out and about around town, celebrities are always our main source for style inspiration, and this study offers an interesting insight into the women who have been the biggest trendsetters of 2022. Zendaya unsurprisingly takes the crown, as the actress is often celebrated for her glamorous red carpet looks that never fail to capture the world’s attention.” — A spokesperson for CommonCentsMom.com commented on the findings

The research revealed that Zendaya takes the crown as the most fashionable female celebrity of 2022. Across the globe, Americans search for terms associated with Zendaya’s fashion choices a total average of 21,760 times per month, placing the actress in the top spot. When broken down, Americans search for ‘Zendaya red carpet’ an average of 6,900 times a month, higher than any other celebrity, and ‘Zendaya dress’ 4,300 times per month.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande ranks as the second most fashionable celebrity of 2022, just narrowly missing out on the top spot. The famous singer and actress receive an average of 21,610 searches a month for her fashion choices, including the term ‘Ariana Grande outfits,’ which is searched a whopping average of 12,000 times per month in America.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish places as the third most fashionable celebrity of 2022. Known for her baggy clothing and individualistic style, the singer receives an average of 21,560 monthly searches for terms related to her style, including 8,800 monthly searches for the term ‘Billie Eilish outfits.’

Kim Kardashian

The fourth most fashionable celebrity of 2022 is Kim Kardashian. Kim receives an average of 19,600 monthly searches for terms related to her style and fashion choices, with the most popular search term being ‘Kim Kardashian dress,’ which receives an average of 5,500 searches every month.

Lady Gaga

Ranking in fifth place is Lady Gaga, who receives 18,600 monthly searches for her style. Known for her bold and dramatic fashion choices, Lady Gaga ranked so highly as the term ‘Lady Gaga outfits’ is searched 13,000 times a month, and ‘Lady Gaga fashion’ receives 2,200 average monthly Google searches.

Olivia Rodrigo

The study revealed that singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo is the sixth most fashionable celebrity of the year. The Drivers License singer’s style is searched for 17,760 times each month across the country, with searches for ‘Olivia Rodrigo outfits’ receiving 6,500 monthly global searches and the term ‘Olivia Rodrigo dress’ receiving 5,300 searches per month.

Kendall Jenner

The seventh most fashionable celebrity of the year is Kendall Jenner, the second Kardashian and Jenner family member to rank among the top 10. Out of all the stars examined, Kendall ranked highest for the search term ‘Kendall Jenner dress,’ with 5,900 average monthly searches, and receives an average total of 17,350 monthly searches for her style.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton ranks as the eighth most fashionable woman of 2022. The Princess of Wales has a total average of 14,300 monthly searches regarding her style and fashion choices, the most popular being ‘Kate Middleton style,’ which receives an average of 2,700 monthly Google searches across the United States.

The late Princess Diana

Ranking in ninth place is the late Princess Diana. Despite her death in 1997, the late Princess of Wales still receives approximately 14,160 monthly searches for her style across America. In particular, ‘Princess Diana outfits’ is Googled 4,100 times each month, and ‘Princess Diana fashion’ receives 3,800 searches per month.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid rounds out the top ten, receiving 12,550 average monthly searches for her style across America. When compared to all the celebrities analyzed, Bella Hadid ranked highest in searches for her street style, with the term ‘Bella Hadid street style’ searched an average of 3,400 times each month.

The top 20 most fashionable celebrities of 2022, according to Google searches

Rank:  Celebrity:  Combined monthly searches for their fashion 
1 Zendaya 21,760
2 Ariana Grande 21,610
3 Billie Eilish 21,560
4 Kim Kardashian 19,600
5 Lady Gaga 18,600
6 Olivia Rodrigo 17,760
7 Kendall Jenner 17,350
8 Kate Middleton 14,300
9 The late Princess Diana 14,160
10 Bella Hadid 12,550
11 Audrey Hepburn 12,150
12 Rihanna 11,960
13 Doja Cat 11,810
14 Lizzo 11,540
15 Britney Spears 11,120
16 Kylie Jenner 10,800
17 Hailey Bieber 10,350
18 Michelle Obama 10,180
19 Meghan Markle 9,530
20 Beyoncé 8,900

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