Zafty - “John Doe” press photo

Exploring Zafty’s “John Doe” Music Video

Zafty is an up-and-coming, 17-year-old rapper based in Perth, Western Australia. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “John Doe” single via Peacekeeper Records.

Zafty – “John Doe” music video

“I’ve been living life so far as someone else, maybe it’s ’cause I don’t really even know myself yet. Looking at the past knowing how it felt, now I really know where I got my motivation. Remember when you’d ask if they miss you? Back when the n***** who were talking were the issue. Well, that’s a blast from the past now, feeling like a golden child. Know I understand ‘cause I’ve been learning with you.” – lyrics

Zafty wrote, recorded, and sent back a demo of  “John Doe” within an hour after receiving the beat for the song. This led to a studio session where Zafty effortlessly rerecorded his vocals. For the entire track, Zafty flaunts his natural ability to find the perfect cadence for any beat; perfectly navigating his way across a ‘70s soul-sampled beat. With a tireless delivery that exudes nothing but confidence, he declares his commitment to chasing his dreams, unphased by obstacles or distractions. Zafty raps, “Top of the competition, I don’t care if it’s gold, silver, or bronze though. I’ve been balling with bulls like I’m Lonzo, so, the condition hitting me pronto. I’ve been killing the game, the ni^^as behind me, gone, we calling them John Doe.”

“I’ve been talking with passion.”

Zafty - “John Doe” press photo

“In my latest track, I really tried to explore the topic of identity and the nuance that comes with it. Personally, I’ve been trying to find a balance between ideas and opinions that I hold a firm stance on while maintaining open-mindedness and how that shapes who I am. I hope that this internal pursuit can shine through the lyrics and positively influence whoever listens to it.” – Zafty explained

Born in Nigeria but making waves down under, Zafty’s addictive sound has drawn comparisons to the likes of J. Cole and Redveil. Inspired by fellow rappers Joey Bada$$, Smino, and Isaiah Rashad, Zafty is truly a rapper to watch out for.

His journey started on his phone, recording ideas on voice memos; that was until he upgraded his setup to include a laptop and a PlayStation headset, and since then, he hasn’t stopped writing. With hundreds of tracks in the vault, he released 11 singles in 2023; his talent was immediately recognized by the Triple J team; who described his entry into the scene as spreading “like wildfire,” earning him a spot on their 2023 Unearthed High Yearbook.

“I’ma go and perform and show ‘em I ain’t ever capping.”

Zafty - “John Doe” press photo

From recording demos on a PS4 headset to captivating the ears of the industry, Zafty encapsulates the essence of modern hip-hop — innovation, authenticity, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams; and as he continues to evolve and refine his sound, one thing is clear: Zafty is not just another rapper from Perth; he’s a force to be reckoned with, an artist with a vision that far exceeds the confines of his age and geography.

Zafty – “John Doe” single

Zafty - “John Doe” cover art

“I’ve been a Black boy, Black king. Been in a bad storm, bad stint. I used to lack form, got a platform. Now a flick on my wrist, putting the GOAT on my list, don’t really care if I go miss. I’ll be the best I can, I’ll reach for the sky, and see where I’m gonna go land.” – lyrics

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