Zaena x Jason Maek 2019 Freshman Promo Pic

Zaena X Jason Maek releases a music video for their “Freshman” single

Zaena X Jason Maek is a hip-hop/rap duo based in Chicago, Illinois. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Freshman” single.

Zaena X Jason Maek – “Freshman”

“Sexy without being sexualized. That is what we were going for. We wanted to be fun and dynamic. The key was to let Zaena be herself and show the confidence she exudes.” – Jason Maek

‘Freshman’ tells a romantic tale of a guy and a girl who met at a bubbly party and instantly connected. Eventually, they end up going back to the guy’s house, and shortly afterward, they share their first intimate experience with each other.

‘Freshman’ contains a relatable storyline and melodic rap vocals. Also, the song possesses vibey instrumentation boomin’ with hip-hop elements.

Zaena X Jason Maek

Zaena X Jason Maek press photo

“Jason did an amazing job on this one. I am not a sex-symbol so I would never try to relay that on camera. I am the girl next door who loves video games, stuffs her face with cheese fries, plays basketball on Thursday’s, and enjoys a fancy pair of shoes from time to time. Also, I feel like I got that across with this.” – Zaena

 ‘Freshman’ is Zaena x Jason Maek’s first release of 2019. The dynamic duo plans on dropping a new song and music video on the 1st & 15th of every month for the remainder of the year. Also, their music videos for their “Get To Work“, “Get You Right“, and “Nice to Meet Ya singles have amassed over half-a-million views on YouTube.

Zaena X Jason Maek – “Freshman”

Zaena x Jason Maek + "Freshman" artwork

“We met up at this party, you came with your best friend. The DJ put on music then he got to dancing. We both had a good time, we went to ya crib then, yeah, this is the first time. Boy, we’re just like freshman.” – lyrics

We recommend adding Zaena X Jason Maek’s “Freshman” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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