Your Old Droog + Heems

Your Old Droog releases a music video for “Bangladesh” feat. Heems

Your Old Droog is a rising rapper outta Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he joined forces with Long Island-based rapper Heems. Their collaboration resulted in “Bangladesh”, a single from Droog’s “Packs” album.

Your Old Droog – “Bangladesh” ft. Heems

“I’m Fellini eating fettuccine at the mini-mall. She said, “Heemy you can’t see me why you such a meany for?” Whipping in that beany 4-door like you on city hall. Out in Long Island, why you don’t come to the city for? Thought I did the rap sh*t in vain like a junky. Funky fresh cold medina hot sexy punkie. Mama tried to punk me, dump me, jump me. Cause I kept it hundred since 21 and Jump Street. Now I’m in Tahiti with a queen like Nefertiti. You can’t see me ’cause my face between her titties.” – Heems 

Check out Your Old Droog’s “Packs” album via Spotify.

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