YOUR ANGEL - “A Star in the Headlights” press photo
Photo by Kate Biel

YOUR ANGEL releases her much-anticipated sophomore album, entitled, “A Star in the Headlights”

YOUR ANGEL is the project of LA-based singer-songwriter and producer, Maddy Boyd. Not too long ago, she released her much-anticipated sophomore album, titled, “A Star in the Headlights,” featuring the standout single, “Misbehave.”

YOUR ANGEL – “A Star in the Headlights” album

YOUR ANGEL - “A Star in the Headlights” cover
Photo by Kate Biel

“‘A Star In The Headlights’ is about longing for something more and the journey to find it. The album explores the feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, jealousy, and weakness that I felt while on this transformative path. I drew inspiration from my childhood musical role-models like Britney Spears, Dido, Portishead, and Timbaland. I wanted to write songs that hit so close to home that they make you feel nostalgic, even though you’ve never heard them before.” – YOUR ANGEL explained

Following her 2019 debut, “Pipe Dream,” A Star in the Headlights finds YOUR ANGEL fearlessly coming into her own as an artist. The 11-track LP is the product of years of experimentation and introspection — both in her work and in her personal life. Over cinematic indie-pop soundscapes, she delivers razor-sharp lyricism that captures her journey of self-discovery.

To complement the project, YOUR ANGEL created a stunning visual for the album’s opening single, “STAR.” Directed by Madeleine Leary with cinematography from Frank Rios, the video tells a story about the beauty and horror of trying to make it in Los Angeles.

YOUR ANGEL – “STAR” (Official Music Video)

“This video was meant to feel like the painfully familiar form of heartbreak all artists in this city experience daily. Leaning into the best and the worst of this city’s tropes, it acknowledges the bravery and cruelty of this pursuit. Visually, we wanted to humbly reference some of the classic films that toe the line between beauty and heartbreak in pursuit of something bigger. So we looked at films like Showgirls, Paris, Texas, and Casino to try to nail the right balance of gorgeous and grotesque.”

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