Young M.A

Young M.A releases a cool music video for “Self M.Ade”

Young M.A is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Self M.Ade“, a single from her 7-song EP, entitled, “Herstory”.

Young M.A

“They say that I manipulate the youth. Nah, don’t get it wrong, I speak the truth. This is deeper than the roots, look around you see the proof. No excuse, but what you see is nothing new. They saying that I’m rich but I ain’t rich yet. I ain’t count a hundred M’s yet. I ain’t buy the Beamer and the Benz yet. And I ain’t f*ck all of her friends yet. My mama said I ain’t about a dollar. ‘Cause a dollar just a dollar, only God can make you prosper. And baby when you do it do it proper.” 

The video shows Young M.A rapping alongside a luxury vehicle in an urban environment.

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