Young M.A

Young M.A releases a music video for her “Walk” single

Young M.A is a hardcore rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her new single, entitled, “Walk”.

Young M.A – “Walk”

The A Piece By Guy-directed video shows Young M.A rapping inside a recording studio.


“Give my blood ni^^as high-fives, hi-five. Her eyes chink and her pussy pink like high eyes. Bad chick, but that don’t mean I won’t bring her ass right to Popeyes. Two piece and a thigh for you, I ain’t paying if the price high. Get money, act broke, that’s the motto I apply by. Never boujee, we on vacay, pourin’ Henny in the Mai Tai’s. Never change, I’m still the same drinkin’ Minute Maid with the hot fries. In the club, in V.I.P with y’all b*tches and my guys. We get money, we don’t want beef, take that beef sh*t to Five Guys. Start sh*t, got five guys with five 9’s, hit you five times. Extendos on the chopper, ni^^as thought we was carryin’ a tripod.” 


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