XP Music Futures is set to bring a total of 286 Speakers to Riyadh

XP Music Futures Is Set to Bring A Total Of 286 Speakers to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from December 7th to the 9th, 2023

This year’s conference promises a musical harmony of innovation, collaboration, and networking. XP Music Futures, the pinnacle music conference of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, returns to Riyadh in just a few day’s time, officially touching down from December 7th to the 9th. This year’s event promises a truly immersive experience for music enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators of all ages, welcoming fans behind the scenes and opening the vault of insiders from across the industry.

With a lineup as diverse as it is iconic, XP Music Futures continues to be a catalyst for change, inclusion, and musical excellence. Visit the event’s official website for the remaining limited tickets and a full schedule.


This year’s immersive event transcends the traditional conference setting, offering a harmonious blend of daytime programming filled with insightful panels, workshops, and keynote sessions. As the sun sets, XP Music Futures transforms into a nocturnal spectacle with the acclaimed NITE Program, boasting a handpicked lineup of global and regional talents. See below for highlights from both the day and night programming.

Day Program Highlights:

Nicole Moudaber: Music Mogul To Philanthropist

Learn more about Nicole Moudaber’s incredible story. As one of the leading and most respected female artists on the planet, Moudaber has created a platform to give back to the next generation of young musicians and is a public advocate of Lower Eastside Girls Club, an organization that helps disadvantaged young women pursue a career in music.

Powering the Creative Economy with AI

Delve into the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the music industry. Join as industry leaders discuss how AI is revolutionizing music analysis, from metadata tagging to ad campaigns, and its role in building global awareness.

Meet the PRO’s: Media, Influencers, Executives & PR Agents

Immerse yourself in the vibrant nexus of the media world. Connect with influencers, executives, PR agents, and media professionals to spark meaningful conversations and collaborations.

My Journey to Stardom with Balqees Fathi

Embark on a captivating journey with Balqees Fathi, an iconic Arabic artist. Join in a fireside chat exploring Balqees’s musical origins, career highlights, and the defining moment of performing the Fifa World Cup theme. Gain insights into her network-building process and the impactful lessons that have shaped her remarkable career.

So You Think You Can Rap?

Dive into the rap world with Egyptian legend Abyusif and Moroccan rising star Khtek, moderated by Saudi rapper Lil Eazy. Unpack the evolution of rap in MENA, their work ethic, and songwriting approach. Gain insights into their perspectives on the current rap scenes in their countries and discover what it takes to thrive in the rap industry. Participants will be encouraged to put their lyrical prowess to the test in an inspiring rap battle.

The NITE Program will also span the duration of this year’s event, evoking the deep grooves of regional and global talent alike.

NITE Program Highlights:

  1. Satoshi Tomiie’s Jazz-infused House sounds in collaboration with Yoyaku and Noctuary.
  2. Wall of Sound’s showcase with Egyptian producer El Waili.
  3. Vortex crew from Amman, featuring KOSH in a one-of-a-kind live performance.
  4. Tinariwen will be adding global flavors to XP’s NITE program at JAX District.
  5. Lebanese superstar Nicole Moudaber will be joining the Madhaus line-up.
  6. MLDBEAST’s very own MDLBEAST Records will be hosting a Diaspora showcase, bringing none other than Zeina Mates and NOURI to Riyadh.

Spotify’s EQUAL Arabia and Femme Fest

Building on the NITE Programming, XP Music Futures proudly announces an exciting collaboration at this year’s conference, bringing together two powerhouse advocates for gender equality in music – Spotify’s EQUAL Arabia and Femme Fest.

EQUAL Arabia is the regional edition of Spotify’s global EQUAL program dedicated to advancing gender equity in music. With a commitment to boosting the presence of women musicians globally, EQUAL Arabia has celebrated 18 Ambassadors and provided resources and opportunities to countless women artists. Paired with Femme Fest, a pioneering creative agency and music festival, this partnership underscores the shared vision of providing a safe, supportive platform for female-identifying artists.

At XP Music Futures, this dynamic collaboration will culminate in a special showcase of talent and media on December 9th at the X1’s outdoor space, featuring performances by Fulana, Maii, Meron T, Manal, and Malak. The theme, “If The Moon Could Talk,” sets the stage for an immersive experience, fusing traditional films with live DJ sets, promising attendees a night of boundary-defying music and visuals.

XP Music Futures

From December 7th to the 9th, XP Music Futures strives to be far more than your usual music gathering– envision industry leaders, experienced tastemakers, and the next generation of talent coming together to spark a global dialogue about the future of the music industry at large. Whether you’re planning your route to making a change in the industry, or are already a music professional, there’s no better time to join the conversation. Visit the event’s official website for remaining tickets and more information.

Tickets for XP Music Futures 2023 are available here


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