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XP Music Futures Unveils First Phase of Speaker and Talent Lineup for Middle East & North Africa’s Premiere Music Conference

XP Music Futures, the leading music conference in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), reveals the first phase of speakers for its highly anticipated 2023 lineup. Taking place between December 7 and 9, this year’s XP sets the stage for the next generation of musical minds, welcoming visitors of all ages for the very first time. 2023’s programming promises an experience that’s as eye-opening as it is star-studded, led by none other than Emirati superstar Balqees Fathi, multi-platform hip-hop sensation Abyusif, and Canadian-Iranian businesswoman Golnar Khosrowshahi.

This year’s event builds on its already unparalleled platform, spotlighting MENA’s thriving nightlife industry, fostering collaboration, and boasting the talents of artists and professionals from the region to eyes and ears worldwide.

Diversity has always been at the heart of XP Music Futures, with the previous edition boasting an impressive 44% representation of women speakers. The upcoming conference is no exception, featuring an array of prominent voices from a range of backgrounds– both personal and professional.

Speaking Lineup

The prominent and influential speakers gracing XP Music Futures’ 2023 agenda include the versatile and talented Emirati sensation Balqees Fathi, who will share insights from her journey to stardom, as well as HH Mashael AlShalan, Co-Founder of AEON COLLECTIVE, joining to shed light on the intersection of music and climate action.

Abyusif, a global rap influencer, explores the evolution of Arabic hip-hop alongside the pioneer of the genre Malikah. Golnar Khosrowshahi, CEO of Reservoir, will discuss her journey in shaping the first female-led independent music company in the U.S. and the importance of empowering creativity.

The lineup continues with renowned light artist Christopher Bauder, who will test the boundaries of immersive musical experiences. Wassim Bou Malham, Co-Founder of Factory People, shares insights on creating sustainable venues, and bilingual Jordanian singer Reina Khoury will host a session to shed light on the importance of cross-cultural collaborations in today’s borderless industry.

NITE Program lineup

XP Music Futures has also pulled back the curtain on its acclaimed NITE Program lineup, teasing a range of showcase events through a hand-selected first-phase announcement.

Japanese DJ and producer Satoshi Tomiie will be making his way to Riyadh to showcase his exceptional Jazz-infused House sounds as part of the collaboration between the French record label Yoyaku and Saudi collective Noctuary.

The Saudi-based label Wall of Sound will be showcasing an array of artists, including Egyptian producer El Waili. The Amman-based Vortex crew will also be present at XP, with artists such as Kosh, who will be delivering a one-of-a-kind live performance. Syrian funky and disco-infused band TootArd is also set to perform at JAX District for XP’s NITE program, alongside Saudi collective Untamed, who will be showcasing the Berlin-based DJ Paramida, and Malinese Tuareg band Tinariwen.

XP Music Futures 2023

XP Music Futures 2023 photo

Having already built its reputation on captivating attendees with engaging sessions, skill-enriching workshops, and genuine networking opportunities, this year’s XP Music Futures guarantees to up the ante. The conference invites music enthusiasts, professionals, and innovators to join in Riyadh from December 7 to 9 and play an active role in shaping the future of the global music industry.

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